Gareth Emery
Gareth Emery
06/24/2017 at 18:00. Facebook
Right in the feels...

'Concrete Angel' Acoustic!!


— Team GE
Brian Vernon
Vienna Reed
Scott Collier
Gareth Emery
Gareth Emery
06/23/2017 at 17:02. Facebook
'Concrete Angel' flies into the future!!

This is the mind-blowing MitiS remix.


— Team GE
Alvaro Cruz González
Craig Bean
Jan Bättenhausen
Gareth Emery
Gareth Emery
06/22/2017 at 16:02. Facebook
Already storming the charts!!

The brilliant 'Concrete Angel' remix from ReOrder.

Simply astonishing!

— Team GE
Stefan de Jong
Kal-El Romero
Nazim Lotfi
Gareth Emery
Gareth Emery
06/21/2017 at 16:20. Facebook
'Concrete Angel' goes insane.

Here is the huge Coone & Code Black remix!!

For the hardstyle lovers.

— Team GE
Marty Mcgillion
Treavor Alvarado
Ehsan Tabibi
Gareth Emery
Gareth Emery
06/20/2017 at 16:29. Facebook
This. Is. Beautiful.

The HAKA remix of 'Concrete Angel'!!


— Team GE
Steven Ritchie
Dung Tran
Calvin Fujimoto
Successfully tested on world's biggest crowds!

The fantastic Dash Berlin remix of 'Concrete Angel'.

Out now!!

— Team GE
Jason Richard
Steven Page
Kev Murphy UB
Best. EDC. Ever.
Best EDC Ever
Christopher Page
Brian Venegas
Dmitriy Ivanov
She wanted to come to EDC with me so she dressed up and everything
She wanted to come to EDC with me so she dressed up and everything
Justin Dokter
Jesse Brula
Jonathan Ai
We're celebrating 5 years of 'Concrete Angel'.

And have 6 incredible new remixes out now!!


— Team GE
We're celebrating 5 years of 'Concrete Angel'

Concrete Angel (Remixes)
Matt Ross
Andrei Mitrofan
Stephanie Tillman
'Put your hands up...'

The stunning Chris Metcalfe remix!!

Live in Exchange LA.

— Team GE
Dave McKenzie
Spiridon Sirbu
Mederic Maniere
A song that reminds me of happier simpler times.
Rez Oo
Ben Drewelow
Katerin Schmidt
Getting ready for Tomorrowland?

This is the Gareth Emery takeover!!

The 'Trance Energy' playlist on Spotify just got updated with 15 great tunes.

— Team GE
Getting ready for Tomorrowland This is the Gareth Emery takeover The Trance
Michael Bech Christensen
David Puskas
Andre Sapphire
My favorite thing I've done in ages.
Katya Zulaika
Chris Davies
Jonathon Adamosky
Last weekend in Tampa!
Last weekend in Tampa
CHVRCHES - 'Bury It' (Gareth Emery Remix)

Download it for free! — Team GE
Casey Baldwin
Abraham Olide
Anthony Santopolo
Brian held his phone in the air for an hour so you could listen to my Dreamstate set from Sunday. We love you Brian. x
Brian held his phone in the air for an hour so you

Gareth Emery @Dreamstate San Francisco 2017 (Full Set)

Gareth closed out Sunday night at Dreamstate San Francisco 2017

Brian Mile-High Tai
Chris Lennon
Craig Bullock
Closing out Dreamstate
Closing out Dreamstate
Trevor Kossluk
José Esteban Ticona Machaca
A proper 8 episode CVNT5 TV show.

Later this year!!
A proper 8 episode CVNT5 TV show

Later this year
Kamil Żabiński
Lars Ancion
The Trance Addict stage. Tomorrowland. 'Sansa'...

Good times.

Thank you for 1 million streams on Spotify!

— Team GE
Egbert van der Es
Fuwei Cheng
Dani Hd
Utterly sickened and saddened by the news from Manchester, my adopted home in the UK and a city that gave me so much. My wife was at that exact venue just 48 hours before so this one feels very close to home. Thoughts to everyone affected. Manchester has been hit before and will rise bigger and stronger. xxx
Utterly sickened and saddened by the news from Manchester my adopted home
Leon Peters-Malone
Sally Millward
David Innocenti