Gareth Emery
yesterday at 20:54. Facebook
The things they always say
The tunnels lead to light

— Team GE

Too Dark Tonight
Gareth Emery
03/23/2017 at 14:44. Facebook
Gareth Emery
03/22/2017 at 15:14. Facebook
Time to go home
Remember the days
We were wild and on the run

— Team GE

We Were Young
Figuring out life goals
Vacation contemplation
Sansa's first boat trip
Tomorrowland. July 21st. The Trance Energy stage.

A celebration of music!

— Team GE
This for the next 7 days
Tourist as fuck
Vacation time!
Walking down the highway, traffic's coming my way
All I see are flashing lights

— Team GE


The acoustic version of 'Lost' really touches the soul.

— Team GE
As the stars die out
We're burning and it's beautiful

— Team GE

Beautiful Rage
The biggest douche on the plane
This one goes straight through your heart.

'Reckless'... unplugged.

— Team GE
Team Saving Light
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