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Our NEW Avo & Shea Oil Moisturiser is #BlendedWithLove for naturally beautiful African hair. Have you tried it?
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Stock up on your favourite Avo & Shea products this weekend and save! Tell which ones you’ll be adding to your cart this weekend :)
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From the gym mat to dance floor, and everything inbetween. Protection 5 will keep you and your gear fresh for up to 48 hours!
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We can be our own worst critics! Flip the script and list three things that you love about your skin in the comments below. <3
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Whether it's girls night or date night. Our Protection 5 deo has you (and your gorgeous LBD) covered. No sweat!
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Less time cleaning off stubborn makeup means more time for:

A. Sleep!
B. Netflix
C. Exercise
D. Reading
Our NEW Avo and Shea Shampoo + Conditioner is perfect for dried out, thirsty hair that needs some extra care.
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South African women just love our brand NEW Avo & Shea Oil for dry, damaged hair!
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Have you tried using your favourite Micellar Water as a toner? It’s sure to grab every last piece of makeup and take it right off!
Are you planning on rocking a red lip this #ValentinesDay? Use Micellar to #TakeTheDayOff in one simple step.
The Dis-Chem Pharmacies Beauty fair is the perfect time to try our NEW Avo and Shea Range, #BlendedWithLove for hair that needs extra care!
3 uses means 3x more love for your skin! How do you use your Pure Active 3-in-1?
a. Wash
b. Scrub
c. Mask
All 3!
My experience with the NEW Ultra Nourishing Oil Moisturiser, #BlendedWithLove for African hair, was a revelation. It’s not oily and it compliments my soft texture with no breakage.’ – Bianca.
True love! Like if you’d choose your fav Garnier products over chocolates this #ValentinesDay
It’s the month of love! Show your hair just how much you care by using Nutrisse. With up to 50% more conditioner, it not only colours your hair, but adds shine and nourishment too!