Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks
06/19/2017 at 22:59. Facebook
Introducing the g-ALERT!!! love, g #StudioG
Garth Brooks
97.3 The Dawg
Ron Devore
Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks
06/19/2017 at 15:04. Facebook
This is going to be AWESOME!!! More details on #StudioG tonight! love, g
Jeanna Watts Dennis
Nancy Barclay
Audra Lee Delk
We're waiting for Garth...but first, grab your tissues!!! -Team Garth #StudioG
Garth Brooks
Amy Knapp Sanders
John Patrick
What an AWESOME week for Nashville! Thanks CMA Country Music Association for inviting me to 'surprise' on opening night! HA! love, g #CMAfest
What an AWESOME week for Nashville Thanks CMA Country Music Association for
Lyndee Barrett
Katy Helen
Anne Berry
Everything at once! love, g #StudioG
Dawn Burke Dounouk
Cj Lampley
Kathy Adkison Carter
The countdown to the end of the North American tour...
July 14, 7:00pm
July 15, 3:00 pm
July 15, 7:30pm
[ Link ]
1-866-448-7849 -Team G
Herschel Horton
Lanell Christensen
Gina Nelson-Hale
Just In: The next stop on The Garth Brooks World Tour with Trisha Yearwood is... - Team Garth
LaDonna Brittle-Rhodes
LeeAnn Williams
Donna Vega
It's a BIG night in #Smashville! #OhSayCanYouSing I have an announcement for YOU! love, g #StudioG
Garth Brooks
Adam Frazier
Marilou Myrick
Mother's Day, Every Day! love, g #StudioG
Sara Bunting
Michelle Ralko
Crystal Prince Clark
This is for ALL the MOMS out there! Happy Mother's Day from me and my friends in Kansas City! love, love, love, g
Kimberly J. Spellmeyer-Young
Betty J Diebold
Denise Gurtiza
Ask Me How I Know
Listen here [ Link ] -Team Garth
Ask Me How I Know
Listen here  Team Garth
Bobbie Andersen
Jacquelyn Gillis
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Angie Taylor Trafford
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Kristie Brown
Countdown to the END of the North American tour begins!

Next stop #GARTHin___________. - Team Garth
Mary Lee Gilchrist
Michael Brown
Debbie Denton Argumedo
Royals and Troyals and Kansas City, Oh My!!!! love, g #StudioG
Trisha Yearwood
Trisha Yearwood
Trisha Yearwood
It was a ROYAL BLAST! Thanks for coming out Kansas City Royals!!!!! love, g #GARTHinKC
Krystal Bradley
Lori Hykaway
Debra Maxwell
Best way to start the day with Teammates for Kids!

Kansas City, I'm ready for a doubleheader today...are YOU? love, g #GARTHinKC
Best way to start the day with Teammates for Kids
Ron Knapp
Stephen R Feilbach
Janie Potts Mathews
For the first time in 25 years, Garth returns to...
Eilidh Macleod-Cunningham
Meg Hentges
Kelly LaSpina
Celebrating prom with CHAMPAIGN!! love, g #StudioG
Kate Rick
Lois McCoy McCombs
Sarah Peters
It's prom night on #StudioG! love, g

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Its prom night on StudioG love g Join Garth LIVE on Facebook
Amy Knapp Sanders
Michele Cinotto
Mandy J. Moore
Cheers! CHAMPAIGN 4 shows, 3 days... that was AWESOME!! love, g #GARTHinCHAMPAIGN
Cheers CHAMPAIGN 4 shows 3 days that was AWESOME love g GARTHinCHAMPAIGN
Misty Peden
Lisa Tabor
Jon D. Croft