Garth Brooks
03/26/2017 at 16:38. Facebook
Back in orange and black and it feels SO good! Philly, THANK YOU for welcoming us back to the city of brotherly love! The best part, we get to do it AGAIN tonight!!! love, g #GARTHinPHILLY
Garth Brooks
03/22/2017 at 12:16. Facebook
The next stop on The Garth Brooks World Tour with Trisha Yearwood is_____________.

This is the LAST stop for this state! - Team Garth
All I can say is #AskMeHowIKnow why #SXSW was a BLAST!!! HA!! love, g #StudioG
#AskMeHowIKnow we have A LOT to talk about on #StudioG tonight, LIVE at 7pm ET. Post YOUR Qs for g below! - Team Garth
AUSTIN I loved EVERYTHING about tonight and could have gone ALL night long!!! love, love, love, g
#AskMeHowIKnow the first person I think about in the morning is the QUEEN! How about #TsCoffeeTalk!!!! love, g
Broken Spoke, now that's a honky tonk, you do it right Austin! #AskMeHowIKnow love g
Just finished a panel with Amazon Music!! Try this HA!!!! #AskMeHowIKnow love, g #GarthGram at #SXSW
Listening to your song on the radio for the first time NEVER gets old! #AskMeHowIKnow love, g
LIVE from SXSW #AskMeHowIKnow - Team Garth
Listen here [ Link ] -Team Garth
Texas #AskMeHowIKnow it's only getting BIGGER from here! Get ready #SXSW, I am coming for YOU!!! love, g
It's happening GARTH is opening AND closing the RODEOHOUSTON 2018! #AskMeHowIKnow He just showed up and said so - Team Garth
Get READY!! Due to your extraordinary fan support, Garth is having a new #GARTHinCHAMPAIGN on sale this Thursday 3/16 at 10am CDT -Team Garth
Your #WeShallBeFree posts are inspiring. Keep sharing them and spreading positivity. We've gotta do something with them. I LOVE THEM!!! Let's talk about it in on #StudioG tomorrow! love, g
Illinois thank you for showing up in a BIG way! The new on sale date will be announced soon! We promise #GARTHinCHAMPAIGN will be a BLAST - Team Garth
"When I close my eyes I see
the way this world shall be
when we all walk hand in hand." Here is my #WeShallBeFree word, post YOURS!! love, g
Tonight's #StudioG... all about #WeShallBeFree love, g

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Here is the full video #WeShallBeFree love, g