Today, a court held that the CPD rules were unfair. This could open the door for more candidates to be on the stage in 4 years.

Federal Judge Rules Against Presidential Debate Commission
Here's wishing everyone Happy Holidays!
We made history tonight. Millions of Americans chose to vote for peace, prosperity, and freedom. We stood up to the two-party duopoly and voted our conscience. We will all be able to look back on our votes with pride. Thank you!
There's still time to do what's right. Get out there and VOTE your conscience!
You still have a chance to vote FOR someone.
#15. [A vote for] Gary Johnson and Bill Weld can shake up the establishment, end the duopoly, and fundamentally improve our democracy.

Thank you all. Let's make history today!

15 Reasons To Vote For Gary Johnson
It's a great day to make history.
Today is the day. It's the day we make history by standing up for what's right and voting our conscience. Get out there and cast a vote you can be proud of!

Thank you all for your hard work. #IVotedForGary
Today is the day. Let your friends know you didn't vote for the lesser of two evils. You voted for a better America and helped make history.

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Proud to have received one of the eight votes cast in Dixville Notch!

Johnson wins a vote in Dixville Notch
Just imagine an America where the Democrats and Republicans couldn't divide the country between two unpopular options. With 5% in the national polls we can end the two-party duopoly tomorrow.

Polls show that we are right on the verge of this critical threshold so we have to get out every single vote tomorrow! Show up, bring a friend, and let's make history!
Melissa Joan Hart and Bill Weld are LIVE in Boston on the eve of the election!
Thank you for a historic campaign.

We smashed fundraising records.

We are set to gain ballot access and federal funding for a third party.

And we’ve introduced millions of Americans to an idea that cannot be stopped – we don’t have to settle for a lesser of two evils.

Don’t be impatient. Revolutions take time.

And whatever happens tomorrow, understand, we won!

To all of you, Thank You!
Running for president should not be a quest for personal power. It should be a quest to make American’s lives and opportunities better. That was my goal as your governor, and it is my goal today.

New Mexico: Vote For Johnson One More Time
Rise up! Vote your conscience, and be proud of that vote.
"With Gov. Gary Johnson, we have a chance to slay the beast — and elect the best candidate on the ballot."

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Two More Major Newspapers Endorse Gary Johnson for President
Early voting has started in most states, so make sure to get-out-the-vote. Whether you are planning to vote early or on Election Day, don't forget to bring a friend with you. Now is the time, so get-out-the-vote!

We need YOU to help at the polls
Still undecided... or know someone who is?
Thanks to your relentless support, we are on pace to make serious history with our third party ticket. But we can't stop now. We have a lot to be proud of. We have the opportunity to change America. Let's make a bold statement by standing up to BOTH major parties this year!

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