Gary Pepper
02/14/2017 at 22:22. Facebook
On this exact day last year, we were scouting wedding venues in the South Island of New Zealand. It was the first Valentine's Day we had spent together in 9 years, as Luke was usually in Hawaii shooting waves or I was in New York for Fashion Week. Weirdly enough, a year later, we're unintentionally back on the exact same day in New Zealand for a film project and together once more. Happy...
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My heart ❤
Postcard from New York @sohograndhotel
I've been trying to fly out of New York for the past three days. First day, a cancelled flight from the snow storm. Second day, an 18 hour delay resulting in an overnight stay. Third day, I'm currently at the airport waiting to hear if we'll be able to fly out today. All in all, the past week in New York has still been amazing Wish I didn't have to leave already but work awaits.. @sohograndhotel
My @lindafarrow design collaboration: 24K gold plated, lightweight and oversized, coming to @netaporter soon
Nearly a year in the making: Introducing my new design collaboration with @lindafarrow Shot by my dear friend @marianovivanco
Paying tribute to the indigenous people in our nation's history today. Happy Australia Day everyone
Resilient. Empowered. Informed. United. Proud of what we stand for @womensmarch #WomensMarch
Made it to Geneva for the Red Carpet Gala with @iwcwatches ✨
Ciao Firenze, it was short but sweet
Views like this make two days of lost luggage pleasant
Quietly stalking the locals
Sunrise walks through the quiet streets of Firenze whilst everyone still sleeps
Florence always makes me feel like I'm walking through a real life oil painting ✨
Early morning run over the Ponte Vecchio
First stop: Florence
Shot in 2012 from my first trip to Florence and so grateful for each time I get to return
Coming for you, Europe HMU by @jaclynhnitko