Gatorade Canada
03/25/2017 at 00:54. Facebook
1,000 points and still thirsty for more. Proud to have fuelled Crosby's journey. Congrats, Sidney! #FuelledByG

Gatorade Canada
The ultimate feat calls for the ultimate dunk. Congrats, New England Patriots. #SuperBowl
Thank you, Hayley Wickenheiser. To an athlete who put everything she had into the game and forever changed it.
A Semifinals victory = ✔
Next up: the 2017 #WorldJuniors gold medal game. Let’s go Team Canada! #FuelledByG
Proud to be fuelling Canada’s quest for gold in the #WorldJuniors. #FuelledbyG
Our boys are back on home ice for the 2017 #WorldJuniors. Join us in cheering on Team Canada to victory! #FuelledByG
Our ice. Our game. Our tournament for the taking. Proud to be fuelling Team Canada’s quest for #WorldJuniors Gold. #FuelledbyG
Sweat. ✔
Work. ✔
More sweat. ✔
More work. ✔
His only mission is a W. #FuelBetterPerformBetter
The calm before the storm. When preparation meets action. #FuelBetterPerformBetter #FuelledByG
The #RoadToTheGreyCup is here, time to lay it all on the line.

#FuelBetterPerformBetter #FuelledByG
19 years of practice and hard work led up to one moment in Jamal Murray’s life: being drafted to an NBA team. In part 4 of Road to the NBA, Murray talks about the confidence and skills that got him drafted by the Denver Nuggets #FuelBetterPerformBetter
Sacrifice and determination; two words that describe Jamal Murray's journey. Watch it all pay off in part 3 of Road to the NBA. #FuelBetterPerformBetter
There’s no glory without hard work. No one knows this better than Canadian NBA star Jamal Murray. In Part 2 of the Road to the NBA, Murray talks about his grit, determination and Canadian pride. #FuelBetterPerformBetter
The road to the NBA isn’t easy. Watch Jamal Murray reflect on his journey and the man who motivated him along the way. #FuelBetterPerformBetter
Quenched #FlytheW Chicago Cubs
Fuel your Sunday. #WinFromWithin
Play until the cooler’s empty. #WorldSeries