Gatwick Airport
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Gatwick Airport
Gatwick Airport
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Gatwick Airport
Flights to long-haul destinations such as Hong Kong, New York and Costa Rica rocketed in our busiest January ever! We welcomed 2.8 million passengers through our airport last month. Did you jet off somewhere special? [ Link ]
It’s the final day of our Paperboyo takeover and he’s transformed our Skybridge into the Golden Gate Bridge. Fun fact about the famous San Francisco landmark: when it opened in 1937 the city hosted a week-long party for it. On its opening day, 15,000 people an hour went through the turnstiles, some on stilts, roller skates and unicycles. See the bridge for yourself with a flight to Oakland,...
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Film buff? If sci-fi, horror or fantasy is your thing, you’ll enjoy the 37th annual independent film festival, Fantasporto in Porto, Portugal (24 Feb - 4 March). Head there on an easyJet flight. [ Link ]
Hurry! Time is running out to grab your chance to win one of two entries to the sold-out Brighton Marathon. You better be quick – our prize draw closes tomorrow! [ Link ]
It’s day four of the Paperboyo takeover and we’re heading to Costa Rica via Gatwick. Costa Rica is home to more than 5% of the world’s biodiversity, and considering that the country’s landmass only takes up about 0.03% of the planet’s surface, there’s a serious amount of wildlife to be seen there. As well as the six species of toucan, Costa Rica hosts more than 10% of the world’s butterflies...
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Bike riding across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran or splurging on a shopping spree in NYC – when it comes to the US of A – where’s best, east or west?
It’s day three of Instagrammer Paperboyo’s takeover and today he’s taken inspiration from Canada.
Fun fact: when the Winter Olympic Games came to Calgary in 1988, no one would have guessed that one of the heroes from the games would be Eddie the Eagle, who came 73rd out of 73 competitors in both his events. These days the Calgary Olympic Park is open to the public and you can follow in the...
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It’s day two of our Paperboyo takeover.
If you ever visit Hong Kong, one of the first things you’ll see are the iconic junk boats on the water. But if you look a little closer at the buildings on the skyline you’ll notice holes carved into the centre of some of them. The reason? Dragons. Legend says that the mountains in Hong Kong are home to dragons with positive and powerful energy. In a...
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It’s day one of our Paperboyo takeover! This week the Instagrammer will be posting some of his snaps, which use his impressive paper stencils to merge iconic Gatwick architecture with imagery from our top long-haul destinations – how cool does our control tower look as the Statue of Liberty’s torch? Check out Norwegian Airlines and British Airways for direct flights there from Gatwick. Pop...
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This week, top Instagrammer Paperboyo will be taking over our social media accounts. We caught up with him to find out how his feed took off and what inspires him…[ Link ]
North or South Terminal? Know where to go if you’re flying with British Airways, easyJet or Virgin Atlantic. They have new homes at Gatwick!
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This is your twelve-day warning! Twelve days to go until Valentine’s Day – how about a spontaneous trip to Rome? Get there with easyJet, Norwegian Airlines, British Airways or Vueling.
Do you have a flight coming up with British Airways, easyJet or Virgin Atlantic? Check your terminal before you travel – these three airlines have moved! [ Link ]
The history. The art. The opportunities for a selfie. Check out our reasons to go to this summer’s hottest destination, Valletta. [ Link ]
We’re proud sponsors of this year’s Brighton Marathon Weekend! If you’re up for taking part in this epic coastal challenge – which has already sold out – we’ve got two places in the race (9 April) to give away. Enter your details here for a chance to win: [ Link ]
It’s the year of the rooster! How much would you love a trip to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific right now? [ Link ]
Hold the toast and put down those Corn Flakes – Nando's, GrainStore, Wondertree and Wagamama have got some breakfasts to set tongues wagging. Serving starts at 4.30am – suddenly that early flight doesn’t seem so bad, agree?
British Airways, easyJet and Virgin Atlantic have new homes at Gatwick. Check your terminal before you travel. [ Link ]