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Any C-10 fans on here today?
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Turn your dodge into the ride you've always wanted with this lift kit!

Dodge Lift Kits
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What year and make is this beauty?
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We have put the footage of these gigantic vehicles and their heavy duty equipment right here... Make sure you don`t miss out on these fails..

The Most EXTREME Heavy Duty Equipment Accidents! Not Recommended For The Faint-Hearted!
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What do you all think of the color on this Chevy C-10?

1968 Chevy C-10 on Air - Gauge Magazine
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Anyone else want some patterns on their rides?
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Get your stance right with this air ride kit for your Ford Mustang!

Ford Mustang
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What vehicle would you drop this in?
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What would you change if you owned this PT Cruiser?

2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser Lowered - Gauge Magazine
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What color would you paint this beauty?
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NASCAR would have been awesome to watch back in the day.
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Where's our 4x4 fans at today?
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If you owned this Ford Coupe, what would you name it?

1952 Ford Coupe Custom - Gauge Magazine
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One of the nicest asses I've seen, Agree?
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Rather than paying for an expensive Toyota bumper replacement after an unpleasant encounter with a parking lot pole, these guys decided to attempt the do-it-yourself, armed only with a bucket of solvent... two hair dryers, and some touch-up paint ...

BUMPER Dent Repair! USE This Amazing TRICK and Your Father Won’t Get MAD!
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These Rockstar Wheels would make a great addition to your ride!

Wheels and Accessories - Car Wheels - Rockstar Car Wheel - Gauge-Store
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Compilation of the girls and bad ass car videos! The Redhead is so so hot. :)

3 Amazing Girls in Fast Cars Compilation! Choose Your Favorite! - Speediction
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Would you race this down the drag strip?
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You and your Ford Mondeo deserve this air ride kit

Ford Mondeo