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This one really hasn't aged too well for you.
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All 237 of the House GOP could LITERALLY light their hair on fire and it would hurt around 23,999,763 less people than their "health" bill.
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First President Trump said he would come after them, now Paul Ryan is willing to pull campaign funds and threaten his Members seats to gain a vote on his bill. Take a hint - pull your bill. #DesperateMuch

Ryan-aligned super PAC pulls support from GOP member who opposes healthcare bill
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Today, Paul Ryan and Donald Trump are working to strip 24 million people of their healthcare and defund Planned Parenthood, endangering lives to score political points. Let's reject their shameless and dangerous political scam. Healthcare should never be a privilege based on wealth or gender. It's a basic. human. right.
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The GOP healthcare bill could cost CA $4.3 billion by 2020 and nearly $19 billion in a decade, UNLESS we cut back on health benefits for the poor. Thanks for the great option Speaker Paul Ryan...

California Says GOP Health Bill Would Cost State Billions
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Proud to work alongside this great Governor who is not afraid to tell it like it is! Thank you Governor Jerry Brown for standing up for the people of California and our country!
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‪What makes this world a beautiful place is our diversity, our different traditions and cultures which we can share with one another. Reflecting this morning on these beautiful photos of celebrations this year across the globe. Nowruz Mubarak!

Persian New Year | Pictures | Reuters
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The New Yorker's cartoon on point today.
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NOT TO BE MISSED: 24 million people could be stripped of their healthcare, Planned Parenthood could lose all federal funding, and Medicaid as we know it could be gutted. And that's all happening THIS THURSDAY.

Trump to GOP critics of health care bill: ‘I’m gonna come after you’
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Drug testing the unemployed is likely unconstitutional and has been proven to be a giant waste of money. These kinds of policies make it clear that the Republicans in Washington believe poverty is a direct result of immorality. The immoral people involved here are those that are seeking to embarrass, shame, and dehumanize those who have to rely on government assistance to get through their day.

Congress votes to expand drug testing for the jobless, an enormous waste of money
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This is Julia, the newest member of Sesame Street who happens to have autism. Julia helps other children understand how kids with autism play and interact with others. She is a wonderful example of the important role Sesame Street plays in shaping how our children learn and connect with each other. Donald J. Trump - these are the programs you are cutting so you can further bloat our military...
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Trump's budget claims to put "America first" but it does nothing of the sort. This budget would devastate Californians across the state, hurting our education system, poisoning our environment and killing vital research being done. We cannot allow this.

Trump’s budget is an attack on California
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This is an important moment in our history. While Trump’s presidential twitter account is busy firing off inaccuracies that were literally fact checked during the hearing, it's important to take a look at what Director Comey is actually telling the American public here.

FBI Director Comey confirms probe of possible coordination between Kremlin and Trump campaign
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Some dream of making this world a better place by striking out injustices, standing up for what's right, creating beautiful expressions of art, developing a vaccine to save lives. Speaker Ryan dreams of taking away people's healthcare.

Paul Ryan says he’s been "dreaming" of Medicaid cuts since he was "drinking out of kegs"
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Investing in our children's futures is the smartest thing we can do as a country. It's good for our communities, our economy, and our society as a whole. Apparently President Trump can't get that through his thick head.

Trump budget casualty: After-school programs for 1.6 million kids. Most are poor.
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It's been 18 days. I can't believe we have had to waste so much time and energy investigating a desperate 140 character lie.
Preet Bharara was investigating Price's investments and potential conflicts of interest. Seems he was the one of the only people associated with the Trump administration that was ACTUALLY working to #DrainTheSwamp and surprise, surprise... he was booted out.

NY attorney reportedly probed Price investments before his firing
I launched Digital Democracy because I believe our government needs more transparency. We need to rebuild trust between voters and their elected officials. Every citizen in our democracy deserves to know if their elected officials are representing their best interests. Check out our site to learn more, and see what your elected officials are up to. Think of it like C-SPAN meets YouTube :)

A new site lets you find videos of almost anything your local lawmakers have said
OMB Director called climate change research a waste of money. Climate change affects our health, how we interact with each other, what we eat, where we live and what animals and plants can survive and thrive. Please, tell me how this research is a "waste of money."