Gay Marriage USA
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Gay Marriage USA
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"Police say that the man, 38-year-old Patrick O’Meara, verbally harassed two transgender women walking into a McDonald’s Friday afternoon before launching into a violent assault."

NY man charged with hate crime in St. Patrick's Day attack on transgender women
Gay Marriage USA
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Commercial for MAGNUM ice-cream! #PleasureIsDiverse
Gay Marriage USA
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Her perseverance & resilience paid off in the end!
"A Facebook post from the mom of a transgender girl has gone viral, as concerned friends and advocates plead for help for a family in Illinois. Kathy Blazer-Williams wrote that a five-year-old trans girl named Stevie, with a host of medical issues, is not only being kept from her parents by a faith-based hospital, but is being forced to live as a male, the sex she was assigned at birth."

Is Christian-run hospital forcing this 5-year-old transgender girl to be a boy?
Yashira & Christine: "Married 3/30/2015 in NYC!"

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"Four times in the past week, NPR News has reported on LGBT issues in ways that elevate anti-LGBT positions and normalize discrimination against LGBT people."

NPR demonstrates how not to report on LGBT issues — four different times
Caityln is "shocked" that Trump isn't fighting for her rights!

Caitlyn Jenner Lashes Out at Trump, 'This is a Disaster' (VIDEO)
Mrs. Betty Bowers was not impressed!
American international airports are fast turning into places best avoided by anyone from outside of the country whose identity falls outside of the mainstream!

Canadian Man Denied Entry To U.S. After Customs Agents Read His Gay Dating App Conversations
"The Trump administration has just revoked Obama-era guidance on ensuring the rights of transgender public school students are protected in accordance with federal law."

Breaking: Trump Administration Officially Revokes Obama Guidance to Protect Civil Rights of Transgender Students
Definitely looking forward to seeing this!