We had a fantastic night in Birmingham yesterday with our brothers Drongos For Europe, Complete Dysfunction and all our friends and extended family who made it one of the best nights of the year. Going out on a high, and back at it soon at London 100 Club on Fri 13th January, and Coventry Arches Sat 14th. Have a great New Year everyone. Stay happy and positive X
Celebrating life n love in our hometown tonight. A big Happy New Year to everyone ;-)
2nd gig of the year for us in 2017, back at The Arches in Coventry ;-)
1st gig of 2017 for us, Friday 13th January, at the 100 Club in London ;-)
We had a fantastic night in Belfast last week. Looking forward to doing it all again in Birmingham for our last gig of the year, the Brum Punx Xmas and New Year Party. Happy Daze. Hope everyone is having a great holiday time ;-)
Belfast calling on Thursday ;-)
Punk For Pam t-shirts available now. All proceeds go to supporting Milestone Hospice in Edinburgh ;-)


Back at the 100 Club in London on 13th of January ;-)
2 gigs left for us this year, a welcome return visit to Belfast on the 22nd, and the Birmingham Punks Xmas/New Year Party on the 30th. Happy daze ;-)
Next up for us is a welcome return to Belfast, with our buddies The Defects ;-)
A fantastic night in Wakefield at Punks Against Cancer last night. Great bands, great friends and great laughs, all for the magnificent Macmillan Cancer Nurses who do an amazing job. Support them however you can x

Home - Macmillan Cancer Support

Off up North today to do our bit and meet up with a load of old friends, onstage and off ;-)
A big RIP to the legend Micky Fitz.We'll miss your cheeky grin and funny stories. Till next time brother, say hullo to our friends up there and save a space on a stage for us. We'll enjoy your music till then X

The Business-"Out In The Cold"

South London. 1980.

Belfast Calling ;-)
Next one for us this Saturday. Great line up for a great cause. Rocking Against Cancer ;-)
We've been having the greatest tour. In Poland now, Torùn tonight and Krakow tomorrow. Ah yeahhh ;-)
Good times at Bellinzona Peter Pan Club last night. Thanks to Gianni and crew, Neutral Bombs
and all the crazy kids that went mental :-D Planet Rock in Pinarella de Cervia, Italy tonight. Can't stop the Punk Rock ;-)
Brilliant night in Bern at Isc Club. Thanks to all the crew, Raptus di Follia, The Strapones and everyone who came out to play. Bellinzona Peter Pan Club tonight. Can't stop the Punk Rock ;-)
Stonking night at Stüttgart Goldmarks last night. Many thanks to the crew there, Bastard Royalty for a great set and everyone who came out and went nuts B-) Isc Club in Bern, Switzerland tonight. Ah yeahhh ;-)
Cracking night in Cologne. Stuttgart tonight. Alles im griff ;-)