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Things Coders Say: “I remember the first time I wrote a simulation program in c++ in college… I was hooked” #cliniciansandcode #codetalk

Code City: Chicago Is Becoming a City of Coders
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Jessica Vargas from Cali, Colombia, faced a complicated congenital aneurysm when she was only 15-years-old. Dr. Jorge Holguin, an Interventional Radiologist at Clinica Nuestra, a healthcare partner of Corazón y Aorta in Cali had the expertise and the tools needed to save Jessica’s life by performing a non-invasive complex surgery.

How a surgeon cured a young girl’s “incurable” brain aneurysm
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This device promotes early development of eating skills in newborns and infants born prematurely

Little Meals, Huge Impact: Preemie Nutrition Is More Advanced Than Ever
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Investing $40M and adding 100 jobs at the Florence plant to support the growing MRI product line

What it Takes to Work In a Magnet Factory
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In 2014, 5 million people in India suffered heart attacks, and 3 million of those people didn’t live. The likelihood of surviving a heart attack is more than 80% if treatment is received within the first two hours. But in India, the average time to treatment is more than six hours.

The Startup That Fast-Tracked Treatment For Heart Attacks – And Their Own Path To Success
NFL joined forces with Texas Medical Center in Houston to hold the 2017 “1st and Future” competition focused on innovations for athlete safety

Heads up: The NFL and GE partner to advance understanding and treatment of concussions
Giving expectant moms the ability to move… and just dance, dance, dance

Giving Expectant Moms the Ability to Move… and Just Dance, Dance, Dance
Imagine holding a plastic model of your own heart in your hand, complete with unique chambers and valves. Or imagine your doctor putting on a pair of Virtual Reality (VR) goggles to “step inside” the intricate pathways of your body, checking for anything out of the ordinary

From Video Games To 3D Printing: What’s Next In Healthcare?
Erica and Nate Endicott expected to simply walk out of their appointment with more ultrasound images of their son. However, the appointment did not go as smoothly. During the exam, something caught the doctor’s attention

Fixing a broken heart… in the womb
A new collaborative project to understand TBI (traumatic brain injury) in young football players, educating how to play sports safely to minimize the risk of injuries

Taking Concussion Education and Treatment on the Road in Texas
“Our goal is to produce an application that you would use to assess TBI and the severity of the injury before symptoms to help clinicians guide their treatment and monitor patient recovery,” said Jason Polzin, a 21-year GE vet and longtime football fan #BrainAwarenessWeek

Player Safety On The Football Field And Inside The MR Field Of View
“Expectant moms like this wireless monitoring because it is comfortable and unobtrusive, providing women with a sense of autonomy and privacy,” shares Dr. Meghann Batten of Henrico Doctors’ Hospital.

Giving Expectant Moms the Ability to Move… and Just Dance, Dance, Dance
Liver disease patients appreciate non-invasive, less painful procedures and faster evaluation. “I can evaluate the patient in one step in 20 to 25 minutes,” Professor Sporea says

Treating A Silent Epidemic With A Double Dose Of Technology
He is tiny. Microscopic. He is a T-cell. And the bad guys are cancer cells. Gone. #labinvaders #celltherapy #science

T-CELL: The Universe's Tiniest Superhero May Be Most Powerful Of All
Are these scientists turning cell therapy from DIY to industrialized?
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Why There May Be 7.4 Billion Cures For Cancer
Lab Invaders LIVE: Inside the Cell Therapy Lab. Dr. Dolores (cell-ebrity scientist) sneaks us inside the minds, machines and microscopes fighting deadly disease.

#LabInvaders #immunotherapy #science #celltherapy
GE Healthcare CEO John Flannery is covering the top 10 reasons transformation is the new normal for #healthcare. This was reason 7

The Top 10 Reasons Transformation is the New Normal for Healthcare – Reason 7
Lab Invaders LIVE: Inside the Cell Therapy Lab. Dr. Dolores (cell-ebrity scientist) sneaks us inside the minds, machines and microscopes fighting deadly disease. #LabInvaders #immunotherapy #science
When it’s #IWD2017 and #WCW, we turn over our Facebook page to this amazing woman: Dr. Dolores goes LIVE from her #celltherapy lab TODAY. Right here → [ Link ]
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SNEAK PEAK: What does a carrot in salt water teach us about cells? Comment here if you know and see it in action tomorrow on Lab Invaders: Inside the Cell Therapy Lab. LIVE right here.
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