Vote for Elle! Reese Witherspoon — aka Elle Woods — is hoping to make "Legally Blonde 3" happen.

Reese Witherspoon thinks women need a 'Legally Blonde 3'
"Usually in a successful horror movie it's about 60/40 female in terms of the audience. And it's sort of silly that we don't have more female voices behind the camera." —Trevor Macy

Revenge of the Female Horror Filmmaker
Europe can offer the United States lessons in empowering women, an issue poised to grip the World Economic Forum in Davos two months after Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald J. Trump.

Putting More Women on a Path to Political Power
Happy Birthday to our fearless leader Geena Davis!! <3

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The animation tool Quill puts creative power in VR users' hands.

‘Dear Angelica’ Is the Film—and Filmmaking Tool—VR Needs
"As a female audience member, it's really hard for me to watch these movies where women don't exist. There are so many movies where it's literally 20 men and no female character, or there's a female character who's, like, the wife on the phone. I'm kind of not interested in watching it!" —Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman Wants Strong Female Leads
"The medium of virtual reality is a new one, one that may eventually allow these perfect representations and perfect fictions, but its true power (and danger) lies in its ability to turn anything into what feels like a personal experience.

Embodying the emotions of the viewer is at the heart of Dear Angelica, Oculus Story Studio’s latest short film premiering today at Sundance. The film...
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With ‘Dear Angelica,’ Oculus finds a story worthy of the VR medium
The creator, writer and star of "Girls" sees a different path for her future.

Lena Dunham Won't Do A Show Starring 'Four White Girls' Again
"Hollywood should greenlight more movies about groundbreaking black women. Luckily for industry execs and movie lovers, there’s plenty of material to suit the needs of fans of every genre." —Carimah Townes

Five Black Women Whose Stories Are Ripe For The ‘Hidden Figures’ Treatment
Make your voice and your wallet heard, even if you can't make the march this weekend.

15 Feminist Protest T-Shirts That Also Support Women's Causes
This weekend, you can see a good movie for an even better cause. Thanks to the studio behind 20th Century Women, A24, a portion of ticket sales from the movie’s opening weekend will benefit P…

20th Century Women Ticket Sales Will Benefit Planned Parenthood This Weekend
"The board set itself the target of achieving 50/50 gender parity in funding over the next three years. In an effort to achieve this, it said it would be engaging with production companies about the target and also with organisations who provide training on the issue. Doona described this as a “hugely ambitious” target, noting that in Sweden it took 10 years to reach such a target.

“We wanted...
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Where are the women? Unconscious bias training planned to make Irish films more diverse
"A traveling photo exhibit at the National Blues Museum in St. Louis showcases female blues singers and musicians, ranging from Mavis Staples to Susan Tedeschi and Irma Thomas to Sherry Pruitt.

'It is true that the men get most of the publicity, so women blues musicians are not very well known,” said Christopher Klug, 53, of Falls Church, Va. “It’s great to have a show about them.'”

These women made a mark on music history. Many don’t even know their names.
"We learn from art, and what can you do if you never see it reflected?" —Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon On Hollywood's 'Smurfette Syndrome' And Loneliness Of Being A Woman In Film
"My hope is that people, especially young people, have something to look at that makes them feel okay. As a teenager, I googled, 'Am I a lesbian?' and 'Am I a psychopath?' in the same day. If I had any context for lesbians, I might have known I wasn't fundamentally broken. My other hope is that it normalizes queerness for people, but that's my reservation too. I have a fear that instead of...
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Behind the Scenes of Queer, Latina Remake of 'One Day at a Time' | Broadly
Woohoo!!! Congratulations to all the talented women selected for Fox Filmmaker Lab!

AFI Announces the 25 Female Directors Selected for Fox Filmmaker Lab
"You know, you got to talk about diversity, you got to talk about women behind-the-scenes, more female directors, whatever color, more female DP’s. You know, I’ve been doing this for twenty years, I’ve only worked with two female DP’s. People with disabilities that should be working...I want to broaden that up when we talk about diversity.”

Taraji P. Henson on diversity: ‘You got to talk about women behind the scenes’
She’s gonna need another weeknight! Shonda Rhimes’ newest drama project just took a major step toward getting on the air next season. The network announced a pilot order for an untitled…

Shonda Rhimes Next ABC Drama Announced