Gelato Messina
02/17/2017 at 06:30. Facebook
TRUE ROMANCE - Peanut butter gelato smashed with caramel brownie, milk chocolate peanut fudge and candied peanuts.
So.. heard you guys like peanuts?
Gelato Messina
02/17/2017 at 01:04. Facebook
If you've been trying to contact us on our hotline bling you've probably been getting a lot hotline rings and not a lot of hotline answers... bare with us. We're fixing it. - DELIVEROO IS ALSO DOWN. hang in there :)
Gelato Messina
02/16/2017 at 06:10. Facebook
NONNO CARLO - strawberry sorbet with vanilla cream and marsala soaked brioche. Nonno always makes the best treats
Gelato Messina
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Order Messina on Deliveroo today, get free Messina Arnott's Tim Tam's! Win win...
Think of it like buying a delicious chocolate from the vending machine and then two chocolates DROP OUT! It doesn’t alway happen but when it does…
Yes we did say free… yes there’s limited stocks… yes it could be good. UNTIL STOCKS ARE EXHAUSTED!
ORDER NOW: [ Link ]
FULL T&C’s here: [
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Gelato Messina
02/15/2017 at 21:00. Facebook
HAPPY NATIONAL TIM TAM DAY! It’s a real thing…we googled it. If you've been hiding under a rock, which is a great hiding spot we might add, you may have missed our big announcement that we've teamed up with Arnott's Tim Tam to create a range of Tim Tam biscuits inspired by our gelato flavours.

Here’s what happens when you send 3 Messina bosses to make their own Tim Tams (all in the name of...
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Gelato Messina
02/15/2017 at 06:51. Facebook
MOLTO BUENO - hazelnut gelato with white chocolate hazelnut fudge, milk chocolate chips and cream filled wafers. No toy inside.
Gelato Messina
02/15/2017 at 06:37. Facebook
We're going to the rally this weekend to support Keep Sydney Open at the Keep Sydney Open Rally #3 in Martin Place. Scoops of vanilla and a choice of either one choc top or two will be available on the day. Limited stocks, cash us ousside Saturday.
Gelato Messina
02/15/2017 at 05:34. Facebook
You seen our totes mahn? Sah gewd for storin kale bruh. Pick one up next time you grab a scoopsie, $15 bucks with any purchase - it's fashan
Gelato Messina
02/15/2017 at 01:50. Facebook
MARCH BOOKINGS to the Gelato Messina Creative Department are NOW ON SALE.
A sensory degustation dining experience that will play with your mind and tingle those taste buds.
BOOK NOW: [ Link ]
Gelato Messina
02/14/2017 at 06:07. Facebook
MESSINA'S MOMOFUKUP - cereal milk gelato smashed with momofuku crack pie. Return of the crack
Gelato Messina
02/14/2017 at 01:51. Facebook
Bored AF? Unlock our snapchat lens!! It'll make your eyes pop out of ya head, legit. Hover over this snapcode whilst in snapchat to unlock it (aimed at those who don't frequent the app and have no idea at wtf that yellow box is )
Gelato Messina
02/13/2017 at 05:41. Facebook
NYC - baked cheesecake gelato. A cheesecake that's got the munchies.
In line for a scoop?? Let's face it, it's hot af and everyone hustlin for our Tim Tam specials... (tell your mum that just means everyone is keen to eat gelato cuz it's really hot today)

Jump on snappy while you wait from anywhere TODAY in Australia & you can have a packet of our NEW Gelato Messina inspired Tim Tams blow you... away! (No physical activity involved) have a laugh at our SC...
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TIM TAM SLAM V2.0 - peanut & coffee gelato smashed with an assortment of Messina Tim Tams. Have you tried all of our dedicated Tim Tam specials? (you should) This week each day we've had a Messina special dedicated to our freshly released collaboration with Arnott's Tim Tam - our four Gelato Messina inspired Tim Tam biscuits are available now in supermarkets around Australia #timtammessina...
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A SALT ON THE SENSES - vanilla & salted caramel gelato with choc chip & caramel cookies. Please don't press charges. #timtammessina
MINT TO BE - Mint gelato with chocolate peppermint fudge and chocolate biscuits. If you really need any more encourage-mint to come down to messina for tim tam week.. here you go. #messinatimtam
BLACK FOREST BAE - chocolate gelato with cherry jam, kirsch cream and spiced chocolate cookies. Have you shown bae the black forest?? #timtammessina
YOU LYCHEE, I LYCHOO - white chocolate and coconut gelato with coconut biscuits and lychee purée. Smile at me, I'll smile at you? ☺ A dedicated week of Tim Tam inspired Messina specials to kick off our new biscuit collaboration with Arnott's Tim Tam #timtammessina - have you tried our coconut & lychee inspired TimTam biscuits? In supermarkets now (four new Gelato Messina inspired TimTam...
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The perfect gift for someone you’ve had a really close eye on for a while, a long lost lover or your unassuming spouse – take a stab in the dark this year and surprise someone who’s a little bit special.


This gelato heart throb comprises of Tonka bean gelato, vanilla chantilly cream, strawberry blood gel, red velvet...
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MALCOLM'S MALTED MILK - malted white chocolate gelato with peanut, banana and choc cream cheese pie. To all the Malcolm's, the middle siblings out there