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During the formation of Indian Constitution, there were 284 Members of the Constituent Assembly & all had very crucial roles. But there was one great man, whose inputs were highly appreciated by all.
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Emerald- The Gem of Wealth
Emerald- The Gem of Communication
Emerald- The Gem of Fertility
Emerald- The Gem of wit and humour
Emerald- The Gem of Intelligence & Intellect
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Republic Day dignifies the date on which the Indian Constitution came into force.
For how many days is Republic Day celebrated in India? Answer the Question & WIN Amazing Gift Vouchers!
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Uranus & Neptune contain High Proportions of Methane, which can turn into Diamonds at high temperatures & pressures, found inside these planets. Once these Diamonds form, they fall like raindrops or hailstones towards the center of the planet. For more information click on
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Blue Sapphire is the Gemstone of Saturn & is capable of bringing significant phases in the wearer’s life. It is an uncontaminated symbol of Nobility, Truth & Romance - introducing Name, Fame & Formidable Reputation in the life of the wearer. To know more about the awe-inspiring benefits of Sapphire read here: [ Link ]
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The healing properties of Emerald are directly associated with the planet Mercury, also known as Buddh. The Zodiac Signs linked to the precious gemstone Emerald are Gemini & Virgo. It is highly beneficial for the wearer in increasing concentration, reducing depression & preventing heart problems. It also boosts the creativity, cultivating writers, painters & sculptors. Know more about the...
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Gemstones have been traded & adored from thousands of years, and undoubtedly, their popularity & desirability continue to spread their charm. Does the precious value of the gemstones make them a safe & reliable investment commodity? Read more about Gemstones as an alternative Investment here: [ Link ]
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Raktamani - is another name for the clinquant gemstone Red Garnet. In Sanskrit & Hindi, the literal meaning of the word is ‘Sparkling Blood Red Precious Jewel’. The bright beauty of the color Red is very well depicted in the gemstone. Know more about the benefits of Red Garnet at [ Link ]
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The beauty of Natural Ruby is perfectly defined by its hue, tone & color saturation.
This beautiful gemstone works wonders in the wearer’s life. It helps the wearer overcome timidity & also acts as a mark of undying love & passion. Read more here: [ Link ]
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As per the sacred texts, every Gemstone has been assigned a metal, in which it gives the most appropriate results. Here’s a comprehensive list of planetary lords, Gemstones & their complementing Metals: [ Link ]
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Harnessed by the planetary position of Mercury, Emerald is an exemplification of Health, Wisdom & Growth.
It works as a life-changing therapy for the wearer. Know more about the transformative effects of Emerald here: [ Link ]
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Life is too Short to be Serious all the Time. So, Be Happy & Stay Positive.
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Can you name all the Nine Precious Gemstones associated with their corresponding Planets?
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If worn correctly, Cat’s Eye has invincible effects on the life of the wearer. It encourages countless major elements like Spiritual Advancement, Knowledge, Awareness, Advanced Memory & many more. Know more here: [ Link ]