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Nice six-pack formation using Cub in South Africa...
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The definition of better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air...

Waiting out the storm
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You've probably heard the term RVR. Here's how the Runway Visual Range works.

via Boldmethod.

How Runway Visual Range (RVR) Works
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New Maule M-4 on the market. 2- or 4-seat variations...

New Maule M-4 rolls out at $199,900
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Do you know approach chart symbols? This Boldmethod quiz will test your knowledge...

Can You Identify These 6 Common Approach Chart Symbols?
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Two jet teams performing at SUN 'n FUN this year.

French jet team to perform at SUN ‘n FUN
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Boldmethod Quiz: How's your knowledge about flying in the weather that comes along with the winter season?

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Flying In Winter Weather?
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Jeb Burnside believes there are three basic types of people hanging around FBO pilot lounges. Which are you?

Lounging around
Boldmethod looks at why cold engine starts often lead to engine fires...

Why You're More Likely To Have An Engine Fire This Winter
I had no idea I was an 'idiot'. Question is... are you?

NORDO Ops: I had no idea I was an ‘idiot’
Hand-written letters come less and less frequently. This one - however - connected...

What’s your story?
Think you know ATC phraseology? This Boldmethod quiz will test you.

Do You Know What These 7 ATC Phrases Mean?
Textron add Garmin G1000 NXi to piston line for 2017...
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Sonex Model B... now in red.
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Quiz: Can you answer the 6 IFR regulation questions? Via Boldmethod.

Quiz: Do You Know These 6 IFR Regulations?