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Fact: The regulatory state is out of control. We have some ideas on how to fix that.

Reform America 2017
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The story of a young person who when faced with adversity, went his own way.

George Was Told He Would Need to Go On Disability - He Had Other Plans -
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Airbnb's across DC are filling up for the Inauguration tomorrow. Are you free to homeshare in your community?

Unleash the Sharing Economy For All Americans
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The economy is not like it used to be and it impacts many facets of people's lives.

Okay Cupid, Why Aren't Millennials Getting Married?
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We and our partners at Americans for Prosperity are ready to Reform America in 2017. Are you?
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The surprise is that there are some who find this surprising.

Obamacare still struggling to sign up the young
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After release from prison, are ex-cons really being given a second chance?

How occupational licensing is holding back ex-convicts
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Improving the economic situation for young people will be complex. Higher education and entitlement reform is a good place to start.

The painful economic dilemma for millennials
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The sad fact is that when an employer wants to give someone a second chance, laws at the state level can make it difficult to do so.

How occupational licensing is holding back ex-convicts
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An inspiration to us all. What are YOU going to create value for others?
Regulations are holding back young Americans in all sorts of ways. Now is the time to slash red tape.
Does the expansion of government surveillance really make us more safe?

The Surveillance State Seen through a 'Black Mirror'
NerdWallet recently estimated that millennials need to save 22% of their paychecks to have enough cash in retirement if stock market gains are weaker going forward. The study assumed that workers would not receive any income from Social Security. Surprised? [ Link ]
There is something proponents of socialism do not want you to know about countries like Denmark.

The Myth of Nordic Utopias
Is it possible that politicians don't know what is best for individual business owners?

Overregulation Causes Beloved Neighborhood Restaurant to Close