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Magnitude 7.8 earthquake, near Solomon Islands
via U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
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In this week’s #openaccess paper, Montes et al. use field stations and petrographic, geochronologic, and thermochronologic analyses to update the geologic mapping of central Panama. Their data challenge the widely accepted notion that the Central American Seaway closed in late Pliocene time, and, instead, suggest that the isthmus was an uninterrupted chain above sea level from late Eocene...
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The Geological Society of America’s Graduate Student Research Grants program is now accepting applications for grants to be awarded in spring/summer 2017. Apply by 1 February 2017 to receive a grant to support your Master's or Doctoral thesis research in the geological sciences. Last year, GSA awarded $741,738 dollars to 359 graduate students (50% of applicants). Details at:

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GSA Research Grants Program

The primary role of the GSA graduate student research grants program is to provide partial support of master's and doctoral thesis research in the geological...

In this week’s #openaccess paper, James Schiffbauer provides a brief, easy exploration of the biological transitions happening at the Precambrian-Cambrian boundary. In particular, he describes the tubular fauna of that period and demonstrates what they can teach us.

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Eastward-Dipping Turbidites, Magallanes Foreland Basin, Chile

Eastward-dipping turbidites of the Magallanes foreland basin (Ultima Esperanza District, Chile). Resistant, Cretaceous sandstones cap the steep hillside, with the Rio de Las Chinas cross-cutting the glacially carved valley floor below. In the distance are the high Patagonian Andes, which include the grandiose Torres del Paine...
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GSA Publications Update
The December issue of our news and #science magazine #GSAToday is now available online: [ Bit.ly Link ]

About the cover: NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration satellite photo of the Persian Gulf area with the Ghawar Oil Field in the lower left of the picture. See related article, p. 4–10. [ Bit.ly Link ]
GSA Publications Update
A new issue of #Geosphere is available online: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Cover: Turbid seawater and tannin-stained river water meet and mix in Rupert Bay, northern Quebec, Canada. Image captured 30 July 2016 by Landsat 8’s Operational Land Imager (OLI) and acquired by NASA Earth Observatory.

Credit: NASA Earth image by Joshua Stevens, using Landsat data from the U.S. Geological...
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#GSAToday Groundwork
Physical Experiments of Tectonic Deformation and Processes: Building a Strong Community bit.ly/2g2yChP
Possible Origin of Saudi Arabia’s Ghawar Supergiant Oil Field bit.ly/2gFX2yE #GSAToday Science: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Photo: Ghawar Oil Field, Saudi Arabia.
Image courtesy Giovanni Muttoni.
Ancient rocks hold evidence for life before oxygen
via UC Magazine [ Bit.ly Link ]

#Openaccess in #GEOLOGY: 'Sulfur-oxidizing bacteria prior to the Great Oxidation Event from the 2.52 Ga Gamohaan Formation of South Africa' [ Bit.ly Link ]

Image: Fossil of 2.5 billion-year-old sulfur-oxidizing bacterium. Credit: Andrew Czaja
GSA Publications Update
A new issue of #Lithosphere is available online: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Cover: The hinge of a steeply plunging fold within the core of the Cantabria orocline, Cantabrian Mountains, northern Spain. See “Interference folding and orocline implications: A structural study of the Ponga Unit, Cantabrian orocline, northern Spain” by Kassandra Del Greco, Stephen T. Johnston, Gabriel...
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