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**ANNOUNCEMENT** Sounds of the Underground just got even BIGGER. We're stoked to hear Mt Eden Official are joining a stacked line-up of local & international talent this Friday!

To score a double pass, just tag a mate who's always up for a big night!
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"Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?"


Low-key Kiwi wedding goes viral
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These animals are definitely more badass than you.

Animals about to drop a sick mixtape
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Feeling that cash pinch after a rinser of a weekend? Jump on our MusicLab and you could wind up with an extra $1000 cash in your pocket! --> [ Link ]
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Yeow! The Red Bull Sound Select Wellington: Soulection 'Sound of Tomorrow' kicks off tonight, with the Auckland show tomorrow! HYPE!

We catch up with Villette and Jarreau Vandal ahead of the Soulection Takeover
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One dude's allegedly imported $5 million worth of Colombian Coke into New Zealand.

UNCOVERED: The New Zealand/Columbian cocaine trade
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The electro-pop banger just got the visual it deserves

MAALA just released the video for 'In My Head' and we love it
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Shout outs to all of you who are supporting NZ music! If you were lucky enough to nab a ticket, catch us at the Electronic Stage, the waterfront George FM RAVE CAVE and the Jim Beam Homegrown Official After Party, that we're stoked to be hosting!
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Mt Eden Official are finally on home turf and to celebrate, they've put up a MASSIVE free download!

Mt. Eden are back in the country and have just dropped your new trap anthem
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The Super Rugby is kicking off tonight! Who are you backing?

Jeff Wilson predicts who is going to take out the Super Rugby
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We know some people get off on banging in dangerous/public places, but this is something else.

DANGER SEX: Couple caught in the act on moving motorcycle
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With features from the likes of SLUMBERJACK, great dane, AWE and Lido, this mix is straight fiiiiiire

Alison Wonderland and Team Supreme create ultimate 'Messiah' beat cypher
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We're hitting Homegrown and figured it'd be rude not to throw the Jim Beam Homegrown Official After Party! Come party with us at Edisons Superette. RSVP here --> [ Link ]
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β€œFor want of a better phrase, the nail was pretty much through his dick.”

Builder accidentally fires a nail gun into his own penis