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Happy 85th birthday Richard Lester! Director of The Beatles #AHardDaysNight & #Help. #BornThisDay 19JAN1932
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Tomorrow Night! 'Lost in London' Woody Harrelson will shoot a live feature film in London at 2am and broadcast it live in US/UK theaters for one show only, 1/19. #cool

UK Details: [ Link ]
US Theaters: [ Link ]
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The Harrison family is proud to announce the release of George Harrison – The Vinyl Collection box set featuring all of George Harrison’s solo studio albums in one collection for the first time.

Released on 24th February, 2017, the vinyl box set includes all twelve of George’s studio albums with exact replicas of the original release track listing and...
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George Harrison
George Harrison
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George Harrison
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I had been chanting 'Hare Krishna' for a long time and this song was a simple idea of how to do a Western pop equivalent to a 'mantra', which repeats over and over again, holy names.

#OnThisDay 15JAN1971 “My Sweet Lord” was released in the UK.
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Please support our dear friend Shepard Fairey (Obey Giant). Peace and love x

We the People: public art for the inauguration and beyond
#OnThisDay 12JAN1968 George recorded the instrumental track for "The Inner Light" at EMI Recording Studio, Bombay, India, during the sessions for the ‘Wonderwall Music’ soundtrack album. It was the first composition by George to be featured on a Beatles single and is the only Beatles studio recording to be made outside of Europe.

Stream The Beatles final version of #TheInnerLight: [
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The Inner Light - Alternative Take Instrumental / Bonus Track
Re-visit George's 11th studio album, Cloud Nine, released in 1987:
[ Link ]

George Harrison - Cloud Nine | uDiscover
uDiscover continue their album stories with an in-depth look at George's 1982 album 'Gone Troppo'

[ Link ]

George Harrison - Gone Troppo | uDiscover
"You all will have read that Dave Dee is no longer with us. But Micky and Tich and I would like to carry on the good work that's always gone down in number two."

#OnThisDay 3JAN1970 George, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr (minus John Lennon, still on holiday in Denmark) recorded the basic tracks and overdubs of George's “I Me Mine” at Abbey Road Studios, Studio Two. The song was later...
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I Me Mine - Anthology 3 Version
#OnThisDay 2JAN1971 #AllThingsMustPass became #1 on the #Billboard LP Chart, the start of a seven week reign. #MySweetLord was also #1 on the Singles Chart.

'All Things Must Pass' was the first triple LP of all new material issued by a single rock artist (the 'Woodstock' triple album soundtrack had come out a few months earlier). The album stayed at the #1 position on the UK LP charts for...
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#OnThisDay 01JAN1962 George sings “The Sheik Of Araby“ at The Beatles Decca Records audition. #Anthology1

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Ring out the old, ring in the new
Ring out the old, ring in the new
Ring out the false, ring in the true
Ring out the old, ring in the new

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George's Indian classical music explorations and experimental sounds were the focus of the final of the six EPs released in Mexico in 1971.

The Beatles: Within You Without You EP
Capitol EPEM 10541
Within You Without You
The Inner Light
Love You To
I Want To Tell You

Stream EP6: [ Link ]
George’s evolution as a singer & songwriter was chronicled in 6 EPs released only in Mexico in 1971. Here's the 5th of the 6 EPs.

The Beatles: Old Brown Shoe EP
Capitol EPEM 10540
-Old Brown Shoe
-Blue Jay Way
-Long, Long, Long
-Savoy Truffle

Stream EP5: [ Link ]
Record labels representing The Beatles around the world created many interesting and unique vinyl releases. In 1971 six EPs of The Beatles with George singing lead vocals were released only in Mexico. Here's the 4th of the six EPs.

The Beatles: I Need You EP
I Need You
You Like Me Too Much
Only A Northern Song
It's All Too Much

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The third of six EPs with George singing lead vocals on his own compositions that were released only in Mexico during 1971.

The Beatles: Here Comes The Sun EP
Capitol EPEM 10537
Here Comes The Sun
For You Blue
While My Guitar Gently Weeps

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Record labels representing The Beatles around the world created many unique vinyl releases. Six EPs with George singing lead vocals were released only in Mexico during 1971.

The Beatles: Taxman EP
Capitol EPEM 10536
Don't Bother Me
If I Needed Someone
Think For Yourself

Stream EP2: [ Link ]
“Hola to George’s Latin fans who have shown so much love for him and his music” - Olivia Harrison

Six EPs (four-song "Extended Play' records) of The Beatles with George singing lead vocals were released only in Mexico during 1971. This collection presents George’s evolution as a singer and songwriter. The EPs chronicle the early songs chosen and written for George, his first compositions, his...
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#OnThisDay 26DEC1970 “My Sweet Lord"/"Isn't it a Pity” reaches #1 on the US charts and stays in the top position for 4 weeks.

Stream “My Sweet Lord": [ Link ]
Stream "Isn't it a Pity”: [ Link ]