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If you missed it last week, watch Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight at 11:35 ET on ABC.
President George W. Bush sat down with Task & Purpose to talk about his remarkable transformation from president to painter.

George W Bush Opens Up About Veterans, Iraq, And The Healing Power of Art
Tomorrow morning on Sunday TODAY: Willie Geist and I visit with wounded warriors training for the Invictus and Warrior Games at MacDill Air Force Base and talk about #PortraitsofCourage, my tribute to the remarkable men and women who paid a dear price for our freedom while carrying out my orders
Thank you, Michael Rodriguez. I'm humbled beyond words (that's why I painted you) to call you my friend.

A Green Beret Sits For A Portrait By His Former Commander In Chief
Watch Sean Hannity tonight at 10pm ET for our full interview about #PortraitsofCourage, my new book honoring and benefiting America's veterans.

Thanks for having me, Jimmy Kimmel Live. I think it's safe to say I'm a more passionate painter of wounded warriors then sketcher of talk show hosts. #PortraitsOfCourage

Jimmy Kimmel & President George W. Bush Sketch Each Other

President Bush came on the show to promote his book “Portraits of Courage” which benefits veterans. Since Jimmy also shares a love for drawing, he and the fo...

"I hope civilians realize there's not an ounce of self-pity in these veterans, and I hope that inspires our citizens to overcome their own struggles, whatever they may be. I hope veterans realize that it's courageous to talk about their injuries, including invisible wounds of war like post-traumatic stress." #PortraitsofCourage

George W. Bush Discusses His New Book of Oil Paintings
Tune in this afternoon - we talked about #PortraitsofCourage, my new book and exhibit at the George W. Bush Presidential Center honoring and benefitting our veterans.

President George W. Bush's Thoughts on Putin and the Press
Watch Sean Hannity every night this week for more of our interview about #PortraitsofCourage and supporting our veterans.

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“It consumed me,” former President George W. Bush tells PEOPLE of his just-published first art book, Portraits of Courage

George W. Bush Paints Love Letters to the Men and Women He Sent to War: ‘I Think About Their Troubles and Their Joys’
Alexander Glenn-Camden is a tremendous example of courage and resilience. Tune in to the TODAY Show at 7:50am tomorrow. I'll be there with some of the wounded warriors I painted in #PortraitsOfCourage talking about how our country can better support our veterans. Afterwards, our conversation will continue here on Facebook Live.
Chris Self is an incredible patriot...and one hell of a mountain bike rider. Learn more about him in #PortraitsofCourage - . All profits are being donated to the George W. Bush Presidential Center and our work to help post-9/11 veterans.
Bryce Cole, I think you actually turned out to be a lot cooler than Rambo. #PortraitsOfCourage

Please watch this story about Michael Rodriguez, a great man whom I'm really proud to call my friend and fellow American. Learn more about him and his wife Kelly, also a veteran, in #PortraitsOfCourage.