Get away this summer without having to go too far. Tickets are now on sale for Summer Escape. Enjoy Mount Vernon after hours and indulge in gourmet fare and locally brewed craft beer, wine, and other treats. Don't forget to tour the Mansion and gardens before taking in the sunset from Washington's lawn.

Summer Escape at Mount Vernon
We are pleased to announce that we have started on a new restoration project in the Mansion- the Blue Room! Over thirty years have passed since the Blue Room was last restored. Now, new forensic analysis of the architecture and documentary evidence has revealed that its 1799 appearance was far more complex.

The attached image shows how the room appeared in 1899.

Blue Room Restoration Project
#OTD the House of Burgesses chooses Washington to be one of seven Virginia delegates to the Second Continental Congress, 1775.
#OTD George Washington visits Martha Dandridge Custis at her family home for a second time. Although it is not certain, it is likely that during this meeting the pair agreed to be married. 1758.
From the Library Collection: A letter from Martha Washington asking if Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, the wife of #AlexanderHamilton, was free for a visit, 1789.

"Mrs. Washington presents her compliments to Mrs. Hamilton, and if she's disengaged this Evening, will do herself the pleasure to visit her."
Today is Homeschool Day at Mount Vernon! Are you a homeschool family in the area? Come to the estate today for fun activities. Before you arrive, check out our educational resources for homeschool students.

Activities for Homeschoolers
#OTD in 1775, Patrick Henry made his most famous speech, one that would resonate for hundreds of years: "I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death."

Patrick Henry
#TBT a view of Washington's Tomb from 1904, taken by Underwood & Underwood Publishers.
Sarah Tracy was the personal secretary of Mount Vernon Ladies' Association founder Ann Pamela Cunningham. During the Civil War, Mount Vernon was cared for & protected by herself & Upton H. Herbert, Mount Vernon's first Resident Superintendent.

During the Civil War, Tracy successfully negotiated the neutrality of Mount Vernon with both the Union and the Confederacy. Throughout the War, a large...
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The Civil War Years
Discovering buried treasure: after the Civil War, for over 100 years, silverware that once graced George and Martha Washington's table disappeared. How did this buried treasure get rediscovered in 2007 and make its way back to Mount Vernon? Find out!

George Washington's Silver
It is no secret that George Washington was plagued with dental troubles- but learn the truth behind the myth. No wooden teeth here!

A History of Washington's Dental Troubles
As commander in chief, George Washington became the best-known leader of the American Revolution. His image embodied the American cause. Americans and Europeans alike eagerly sought portraits of him to hang in their homes, palaces, and government buildings. Artists’ portrayals of him captured his features in different manners, but all clearly presented his distinctive and symbolic appearance.
Happy #firstdayofspring from Mount Vernon to you! Have you seen our gardens when they're in bloom?

Gardens & Landscapes
Hey Homeschool Families! Did you know that Mount Vernon's Homeschool Day is March 24th? Mount Vernon invites you to learn and experience what life was like on the estate during the 18th century.

Homeschool Day
Fun Fact: Records outlining Martha Washington's shoe purchases from 1759 to 1773 indicate that she bought approximately six pairs of shoes per year. Learn more about shoes in the 18th century.

Explore Martha Washington's Shoes
So you think you know everything about Martha Washington? Think again! Test your knowledge with our Martha Washington Quiz.

Martha Washington Quiz
George Washington did not have any children with his wife, Martha. When they both had passed away, the family heirlooms and their treasured items were inherited by several people.

Who Inherited Martha Washington's Treasures?
Calling all runners! Have you signed up for The Patriot Run yet? Join Mount Vernon for the area's most unique 5K/10K! Race up the George Washington Memorial Parkway and finish in front of the Mansion.

George Washington Patriot Run
Want to go behind the scenes? The National Treasure tour at Mount Vernon takes you to the locations on the estate that played a starring role in "National Treasure: Book of Secrets." Combine Hollywood and history with stories about the filming and information on how the locations were used during George Washington's time.

National Treasure Tour
In 1780, a freezing cold winter that had twenty-eight documented snowfalls left the Continental Army with low morale. General George Washington decided that a little merriment would go a long way, and gave his troops the only day off they had that winter on St. Patrick's Day.

“The general congratulates the army on the very interesting proceedings of the parliament of Ireland and the...
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Washington and St. Patrick's Day