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In 1963, Georgia Tech became the first university in the Deep South to integrate without a court order. Ford Greene, Ralph Long, Jr., and Lawrence Michael Williams were Tech's first African-American students. In 1965, Atlanta-born Ronald Yancey became Georgia Tech's first African-American graduate earning his degree in electrical engineering. A few years later, Dr. Clemmie Whatley and Grace...
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Georgia Tech
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It was Georgia Tech aerospace engineering PhD student Adam Cox who made sure all of the equations used in the Oscar-nominated movie Hidden Figures were completely accurate and authentic. --
Georgia Tech
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Gary May, dean of Georgia Tech's College of Engineering, has been officially selected as the next chancellor of UC Davis.

Thank you, Dean May, for all that you've done here at Tech. You've been a scholar, a leader, and a mentor. But most importantly, you'll always be a #HelluvaEngineer -- [ Link ]
Georgia Tech
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"Imagine" by John Lennon happens to be one of the favorite songs of former President Jimmy Carter and former first lady Rosalynn Carter. Georgia Tech students surprised the couple by singing that song for them when they came to campus to receive the 2017 Ivan Allen Prize for Social Courage. --
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He just earned an industrial engineering degree from Georgia Tech, and before graduating he became our all-time leading scorer. The next step for Harrison Butker? Trying out for the NFL. #HelluvaEngineer --
Proud home of the largest and most diverse college of engineering in America. #NationalEngineersWeek. -- [ Link ]
"Tell the truth. Promote peace and human rights. Treat other people as equals." Advice from former President Jimmy Carter to students after receiving Georgia Tech's 2017 Ivan Allen Prize for Social Courage.

Carter and his wife of 70 years Rosalynn received the award together for their work improving health, preventing and resolving conflicts and enhancing freedom and democracy worldwide. --
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We may be in the middle of Atlanta, but we have 12,249 trees on our campus creating 4,056,722 square feet of canopy coverage. -- [ Link ]
There's only one university listed on Fast Company's 2017 list of the Most Innovative Companies in America for education. Yep. It's Georgia Tech. -- [ Link ]
We lab you.

We lab you very much.
In quite possibly the most Atlanta move ever, Georgia Tech graduate Gary and his wife Elizabeth exchanged their wedding vows at The Varsity before walking across the North Avenue bridge to snap a few photos at his alma mater.

More Valentine's Day stories from Yellow Jackets in love: [ Link ]
Just in time for Valentine's Day from the amazing officers of the Georgia Tech Police Department. -- [ Link ]
The best gift you can give your brother or sister? A tour of Georgia Tech's campus.

Welcome to 300+ siblings of who are Yellow Jackets visiting today.
Confirmed. Pineapples do belong on pizza.

There are only 10 types of people in the world. Those who get this post, and those who don't.
This slow motion video shows exactly how a frog eats, and Georgia Tech engineers have discovered that a frog's saliva actually changes from a watery liquid to a honey-like substance to catch their supper. Wait until you see what they do to swallow those insects they catch.
-- [ Link ]
Ellen DeGeneres chose to give away Super Bowl tickets on our campus... and now three Yellow Jackets are getting a free trip to California too!
The Ellen Show is giving away Super Bowl Tickets at one university in America today, and it's us!
A statement from Georgia Tech President G.P. "Bud" Peterson. -- [ Link ]
Legos. How many a #HelluvaEngineer got their start.