Georgia Tech Softball
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Covering the Bases with freshman Lisa Higgins!
Georgia Tech Softball
01/18/2017 at 21:24. Facebook
Rapid fire questions with freshman Isabella Many. Each player and coach answered some rapid fire questions during preseason! They'll be "Many" more videos leading up to the season!
Georgia Tech Softball
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Georgia Tech Softball
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We took our 2017 team photo at Piedmont Park and then had fun in the studio for our posed photos!
Georgia Tech Softball
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25 days!
Georgia Tech Softball
01/14/2017 at 14:18. Facebook
Happy Birthday to sophomore catcher Kaylee Ellebracht! Have a great day!
Georgia Tech Softball
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Some sneak peeks of our team photo!
30 days until the first pitch of 2017!
Happy Birthday to sophomore pitcher, Jenna Goodrich!
Happy New Year! Take a look at our best from 2016!
Our 2017 schedule is set!!
Our Sories: Embrace the Small Moments - Senior Sam Pierannunzi making the most of small moments on and off the field - [ Link ]

Our Stories: Embracing the Small Moments
Happy Birthday to assistant coach Rodney DeLong! Have a great day, Coach D!
The Wall Street Journal ranks Georgia Tech as the #1 public university in the South with the highest graduate salaries on average. (and we love this photo.) -- [ Link ]
Wishing a Happy Birthday to freshman Ally Brandvold!
Ornament competition
Happy Thanksgiving! Grateful for this opportunity to play softball at an incredible institute like Georgia Tech!
Happy birthday to freshman Rebecca Prairie!