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Here's a healthy breakfast shared by recruit @nadine1578; a delicious bowl of Commandos Seed and Nut Mix.

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Get Commando Fit
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Let every bead of your sweat motivate you a little bit more. ;)
Get Commando Fit
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The face you make when your future self within you says "we're half way there, hunk!"...

Workout face
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Dear recruits,

You better keep your list short now ;)
...Remember, excuses don't get results.
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See? You can work on that abs even at home. You just need a chair and self-motivation.
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Are you up for a Commando Challenge? Here's an easy-to-follow workout routine for beginners. After a 10 minute warm up, execute the following.
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No coach? No problem. Here's a guide to your basic workout. Spell that sweat out!
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When it comes to building better habits or getting fit, always remember: don't cut corners. Hard consistent effort will always get you there.
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The weekend is a time to reboot your mind and body to set yourself up for success throughout the week, are you using it wisely? Share how you reset on Sundays in preparation for the new week ahead. ;)
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Lifting it local style @tahiti_mana @preznahiti @ludorpztnahiti
The only bad workout is the one that didn't happen.

Feel sore today or feel sorry tomorrow? You choose.
Morning Moorea we're ready for our training session.
I guess we must get involve more to this awesome kind of "killing". ;)

So go get up, you only have today to do it!
Commando Steve keeping cool while working out. Tahiti Mana - Travel
This Zucchini Pesto Pasta with Chilli Garlic Prawns prepared by Leanna (@deepgreenlee) looks amazing. It's more fun to make our comfort food really healthy and yummy!

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You are the mechanic of your own body - what you eat is what you build.
Morning workout Tahiti style Commando Steve InterContinental Moorea Resort & Spa Tahiti Mana - Travel
Don't quit! Good things come to those who go out and earn it!
Agree ladies?! Let's do this!!!
I want to get healthy. I want to look and feel better. I will eat right. I will exercise.