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Trying for a spot on the Human Rights Council while imprisoning refugees in detention camps...

What on earth is the Australian government thinking?

If they're serious about human rights, evacuate the camps and bring them here.

Australia doesn't deserve a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council
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Solar power is cheaper than coal AND it doesn't cause catastrophic global warming? Win-win!

Solar power now 'cheaper than fossil fuels in most capital cities'
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China doesn’t want it. India doesn’t want it. Maybe we should leave it in the ground, yeah?
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More people now work in solar than coal!
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BREAKING: Turnbull and Hanson win big as ruling slashes people’s weekend pay.

A commission has ruled in favour of the Coalition and One Nation’s push to deal Australia’s lowest paid workers a devastating blow.

Across Australia, 700,000+ people working in retail and hospitality rely on their weekend pay to put dinner on the table. But now, many of them will be struggling to make ends meet –...
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We must not leave people exposed to abuse to make a political point

Dutton is admitting the US deal will leave people behind.

Malcolm Turnbull needs to act. Bring Them Here.

Dutton says US deal to take fewer refugees than promised, unlikely to start for a “couple of months”
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Even the CEOs of coal plants think building new coal plants is a stupid idea.
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This shouldn't be controversial. Those who have the most shouldn't be able to cheat their way out of contributing their fair share.

This would be an excellent move in the face of worsening income inequality. Australia currently has the highest poverty rate of any OECD country –– bar America.

Labor to fight for 'Buffet Rule' to stop tax cheating among the wealthiest
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The coal lobby had $2.5 million of public money to spend on research. Instead, they spent it on this infamously crap advertising campaign.

Coal advertising funded by money deducted from state mining royalties
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Comedian Nazeem Hussain is spot on.

Pauline Hanson’s racist rhetoric is dangerous and damaging.

We all need to stand up to racism.
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Tanya Plibersek tells it like it is.
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The Australian government has failed children in offshore camps.

It never should’ve come to this. Malcolm Turnbull, bring them here.

Child abuse inquiry to hold public hearings into offshore detention regime
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Can somebody please put George Brandis on hold forever?
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Michael Sukkar is the PM's pick for housing.

His plan to make it affordable? Just be rich, stupid!

Highly paid job is first step to home ownership: Coalition MP
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Adani and the coal lobby want you to believe more coal will help India's poor?

That's bollocks.
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The government is failing, so states are picking up the slack.

Good job Victoria for taking a stand against racism.
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Like big power companies in Australia, Adani are perfectly happy to screw their customers to inflate their profits.

Now they're trying to screw the Australian public by seeking a $1 billion handout for their dangerous coal mine.

The difference here? There's a million GetUp members ready to stop them.
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“Climate change is real, it is affecting us now, and yet, right now we have every resource available to us to deal with climate change, except for one, and that is leadership." - Malcolm Turnbull, 2010

Malcolm, we liked you better when you had a backbone.

Turnbull to change the rules to bankroll "clean" coal
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Seriously. Ask Resources Minister Matt Canavan which Adani entity would be getting our public money. He won't be able to tell you.
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Stop pandering to the coal lobby and pay attention, Turnbull.

We have the chance to become a renewable energy superpower.

Australia positioned to be renewable energy superpower