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Turnbull is pushing to revive a corporate power grab, and it's an insult to the people power that killed it.

The Turnbull Govt will keep pushing other dangerous trade details. But we will stop them.

Just like we stopped the TPP.

The real reason the TPP is dead - and it's not Trump
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It’s over Turnbull.

Give it up already. This corporate power grab is dead and it’s not coming back.

TPP: Turnbull Govt continues to push deal despite US rejection
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This is not on. Barnaby Joyce gets taxpayer-funded flights around an electorate he's trying to win, but everyone else has to pay their own way.

We need a strong federal corruption watchdog now.

Barnaby Joyce billed taxpayers $18,000 for campaign travel while trying to win seat
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First comes the review, then comes the attack - but we'll be ready and people-power will fight back.

Turnbull Govt announces review of NDIS to look at "costs, value for money"
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This mine is a disaster for our climate, our water and our democracy.

Shame on this government.

New Acland coal mine expansion approved by Federal Environment Minister
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Our movement is going all out against the Turnbull Government’s cruel Centrelink debt threats.

Here’s the plan:
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Adani have nothing but contempt for the environment and local peoples.

We will do whatever it takes to keep them away from our Reef and water.
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The Turnbull Government and the Murdoch press are trying to run a scare campaign against renewables.

The Australian public isn't buying it.

Australians believe privatisation, big power companies responsible for energy price rises
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This is why we're going to fight the Turnbull Government's debt threats to the end.

(This one's better with sound on)

Footage courtesy of Asher Wolf, with support from The Juice Media
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The cost of renewable energy is far cheaper than the cost of doing nothing.
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Today, GetUp released an explosive letter sent to us by a brave whistleblower inside Centrelink.

The highly-credible 8-page letter meticulously details the Turnbull Government’s systematic fraud – and alleges that Centrelink staff are ordered to ignore mistakes.

Bullying people who are struggling to make ends meet is sickening – especially while 679 major corporations get away with paying...
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BREAKING: We're going to war with the Turnbull Government's debt threats. Here's the plan:
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The Turnbull Government has nowhere left to run.

Their automated debt-threat system isn’t just crude and dysfunctional – it’s been deliberately designed to hurt people who are unable to defend themselves.

Join the fight. People-power is going to put an end to the Coalition's cruel fraud program.

BREAKING: GetUp releases explosive letter from courageous Centrelink whistleblower
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Mike Baird has resigned as Premier of NSW, effective next week.

BREAKING: NSW Premier Mike Baird announces shock resignation
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Just two weeks left to ditch dirty power AND support the country’s largest community centre!

We’re just a couple of hundred switchers away from reaching our goal of $50,000 to help Addison Road Community Centre go solar, so they can provide even more programs for the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Better Power by GetUp
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We have a message for the brave whistleblowers inside Centrelink:

Thank you for standing strong and defending people who may not be in a position to defend themselves.

The GetUp community is standing behind you.

Together, we will win this fight.

Turnbull Govt threatens Centrelink workers with criminal prosecution for speaking out
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As if Dutton's abusive detention regime wasn't bad enough...

A new report reveals his department has mismanaged $2.2 billion on Manus and Nauru.

The government must evacuate these abusive, dangerous and costly camps.

Independent audit slams Immigration Department over Nauru and Manus Island contracts
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The very first thing Greg Hunt needs to do is reverse the Medicare rebate cuts.

BREAKING: Greg Hunt to become health minister
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Political opposition to the Turnbull Government's nasty debt threats is growing with the ALP, Andrew Wilkie, the Greens, Jacqui Lambie, and the Nick Xenophon Team all speaking out.

It's time for the Coalition to stop bullying people on income support and start targeting the 679 major corporations who paid no tax.

We need to keep the pressure up. Can you sign the petition today?

ALP to push for Senate inquiry into debt threat 'debacle'
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It's time for Prime Minister Turnbull to grow a backbone and tell his government to target the 679 major corporations who paid no tax – and stop their pathetic bullying of aged pensioners.

The Turnbull Government has cut more than a billion dollars from our aged pension budget – and they say the money will come from "data matching activities".

That's code for bullying older Australians,...
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Mounting fears Coalition plan to recoup deep cuts to aged pension budget using debt threats