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Have a ghost free Christmas!
This Thanksgiving, give thanks to the Ghostbusters! The Extended Edition + Exclusive Extras is available to own for $9.99 for a limited time at iTunes!
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In the first Ghostbusters movie, Tobin’s Spirit Guide is the comprehensive supernatural encyclopedia used by the heroes to research ghouls and ghosts.

For the first time, fans are able to pore over the fully-illustrated pages of this legendary guide to learn all about the things that go bump in the night—from Class 5 Free-Roaming Vapors to giant Sloars!

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It's not 2040. This is 2016 and #Ghostbusters and THE VOID are bringing VR to supernatural levels.
Happy Halloween and happy bustin'! #Ghostbusters #BustTheRules
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"Kate [McKinnon] comes up with the strangest things you’d ever…not think of"

Sounds like Holtzmann to us!

We Asked Paul Feig To Assign "Ghostbusters" Cast Superlatives

Halloween Flash Sale! All 3 #Ghostbusters movies from PlayStation for $24.99. Get it from now until 10/31. Booyah!

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You might be calling, but who's gonna answer? Happy birthday to Annie Potts! #Ghostbusters
If there's something strange in your neighborhood this Halloween, here's who you call.

Your #Ghostbusters costumes ahead!
Host a fab-BOO-lous #Ghostbusters movie night with these Boo kits from GreyGrey Designs.

BOO It Forward Ghostbusters® Halloween Party with Mars and Wrigley!

It's National Pumpkin Day! Bust out the carving kit and make your own #Ghostbusters-inspired jack-o'-lantern.

PC: @ohayres
Jeremy Miller, owner of one of the best #Ghostbusters costumes we've ever seen, visited Ghost Corps and got a photo with the full-size Ecto-1.

If you're unfamiliar with Jeremy's story, he has spina bifida and his dad makes him an epic costume incorporating his wheelchair every year!
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Watch 8-year-old Jeremy Miller visit Ghost Corps today.
Don't be afraid of no ghost!