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03/26/2017 at 14:48. Facebook
Is Scarlett Johansson better looking photoshopped or normal? You be the judge...

Scarlett Johansson Photoshopped Vs Real Pictures
Gia Marie Macool
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Skin White As Snow
Gia Marie Macool
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1⃣Everyone is busy and when hunger strikes and there isn't the right foods around, it's easy to skip meals, eat what's convenient or eat all your calories at dinner time. This only creates stored fat, lack of energy, sleepless nights, fatigue, weight gain and cravings. One way I have fought this battle is through proper supplementation & meal prepping. I have also curbed my...
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Gia Marie Macool
03/23/2017 at 02:56. Facebook
Don't be a sissy

The sissy squat isolates your quads better than any other barbell or dumbbell exercise.
this exercise will help develop your balance and even your core strength. It eliminates hamstring and glute movement which is why it takes extreme quad focus and burns like bish!! Don't neglect this exercise in your leg routine


Step 1: Take a shoulder-width stance with...
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Sweet Tooth Sunday! <3

This fudge is no-bake, low carb, virtually sugar-free and high in protein.

Chocolate Layer: Mix by hand or place the following into a blender

1 TBSP of melted Coconut butter (use microwave)
1/2 scoop of @questnutrition (chocolate or vanilla flavor)
2 TBSP unsweetened almond milk (you may need to add more or less ... you want the mixture to be thick)
1 tbsp Cocoa...
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My transformation story!

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New interview about my upbringing, my fitness routine, competition diet and what's coming for this year!
Through rose colored glass.

By Charles Williams
Tricks to get Tight!! Tone up those Abs, shoulders & booty!

- Dumbbell shoulder press 4 x 15
- Arnold press 4 x 15
- Over head shoulder holds with loop band squat walks, forward & back 20 steps x 4 sets.
- Swiss ball roll outs on knees 4 x 20
- Weighted dumbbell Bonsu ball crunches 4 x 20.

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Online training details and more fitness...
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Shades of Grey

By Charles Williams
Wardrobe by [ Link ]