This summer Official Lions Rugby will be prepared for anything, from front line to back. #PreparedForAnything
Be prepared for anything from front line to back. Gillette are a proud sponsor of the British & Irish Lions 2017.
Chipping perfection.

Danny Welbeck makes a pinpoint comeback in the FA Cup 4th round. #GillettePrecisionPlay
Competition ends Saturday 26th November at 11am.

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Preparing the pride. We’re delighted to be an Official Sponsor of Official Lions Rugby 2017. #preparedforanything
James Haskell and Vincent Koch took it like men for Movember Foundation UK, kicking their facial hair into touch.
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The road to Rio isn't always pretty. But Neymar Jr., Ashton Eaton, Ning Zetao, and Andy Tennant continue to sacrifice everything to reach their best. #PerfectIsntPretty #Rio2016
Your face takes a beating from a lot of things, your razor shouldn't be one of them [ Link ] #PerfectisntPretty #Rio2016
It takes someone strong to make someone strong. Watch our new film and say #ThankYouMum

P&G Thank You, Mum | Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games

It takes someone strong to make someone strong. #ThankYouMum

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Happy Birthday to our #1 ambassador, Joe Hart. Check out some behind the scenes content of our man in action.