Giorgio Armani Beauty
03/26/2017 at 12:14. Facebook
It is RED LIPS WEEK. Dare to wear a true red and dress your lips in the iconic Giorgio Armani Red 400 shade. Which texture suits you best? Share with your friends using #ExpressYourRed
Giorgio Armani Beauty
03/25/2017 at 12:17. Facebook
Silky, Shiny, or Matte? Choose your finish, go for Rouge d'Armani, Ecstasy Lacquer or Lip Maestro RED 400 lipsticks. #ExpressYourRed and get more tips from Armani Beauty face designers.
Giorgio Armani Beauty
03/24/2017 at 12:14. Facebook
Behind every woman there is a Sì. Follow the scent of Sì Rose Signature and find yours. #SaySi
Giorgio Armani Beauty
03/22/2017 at 12:14. Facebook
Envelop yourself in Sì Rose Signature to discover a long-lasting, opulent fragrance infused with May and Turkish rose. Powerful and delicate, this elegant bouquet is illuminated by flashes of bergamot and mandarin. #SaySi
Giorgio Armani Beauty
03/21/2017 at 22:14. Facebook
The seductive Sì Rose Signature new Couture Edition is an ode to the opulence of rose petals and femininity. Will you #SaySi?
Sì is a way to express yourself and show your authenticity. Unveil your true self and tell us what kind of woman you are, using #SaySi.
To each moment of seduction, its own fragrance. #FollowyourCode with with new Code Colonia for casual and effortless seduction.
The Armani Code saga continues. Discover what really happened after the party in Episode 3. #FollowyourCode with the new freshness of Code Colonia: your original secret weapon of seduction.
Can you guess who wrote this note to Chris Pine? #FollowyourCode and enhance your power of seduction.
Follow Chris Pine during the Armani Code glamorous party. Can you guess what happened next? Stay tuned to find out more. #FollowyourCode
Here's to a wonderful 2017. #SaySi to 365 days of new opportunities and success.
#SaySi to a sparkling and shiny celbration with the people you cherish.
The magic touch of Acqua di Giò brings light to this Holiday Season. #PowerWithin
You can never go wrong with a Giorgio Armani fragrance. Iconic scents for all.
#SaySi to love! The luminous & feminine fragrance is the pefect gift to show her how much you care.
Delight him with a sophisticated and intensely masculine scent. #AcquadiGio
Of course her heart already belongs to you. But here are plenty of possibilities to definitely seize it. Spoil her with #ArmaniBeauty gifts.