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When the music is too good. Cannot stop grooving.
Live from Ulhasnagar for Guru Nanak Jayanti. Celebrating birthday of 1st Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Devji, and its Prabhat Pheri. Sorry but I won't be able to talk due to celebrations. Enjoy !!
Hi guys I will be doing a live chat/ video tomorrow morning 7am IST on occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti. Right from a massive Prabhat Pheri. Do join in. Will be a sight to see I promise.
With all the changes that are happening in our country in the past few days, I feel like this video is a must watch. #abkibaarfreshstartyaar
Lost is Trance

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Don't write/ scribble / staple.
Keep our currency clean.

Pls guys RT, like, share make this Viral!!

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Such an amazing invention. Desperately needs machines like these to address transplanting tree on main road to somewhere on the pedestrian sidewalk. Better than being cut to make space.
Happy Diwali everyone. Lots of love, light & happiness to all of you.

Salute to Soldiers protections Us!
Jai Hind!!
Hi guys, check out this music video from my friend Inder Sharma. Pls do support it and give it your love.
[ Youtu.be Link ]

Dooriyan - Official Music Video | ID Rox Inder | Sneha Namanandi | Shruti Mohan

Meet my good friend #Indersharma
Hi guys I'll be doing a live video chat tomorrow at 4pm. Hope to catch up with all of you. See you there
I counted 12 words. This dog has a lot to say ;)

This is beautiful on some many levels!

If you have husky, no baby monitors are needed ☺