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Girl Scout Cookies
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By selling cookies, girls learn to speak up and work with others to reach important goals. Girls’ confidence starts to soar when they master the art of running their own biz. That’s what’s really inside a box of Girl Scout Cookies—her success. Support local, life-changing programming for girls. Find your cookies today: [ Link ]
Girl Scout Cookies
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Don't worry. Your cookie season will be here before you know it!

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Girl Scout Cookies
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There's no better way to start your Saturday.

Scope out Girl Scout Cookie booths near you: [ Link ]
Girl Scout Cookies
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We've all been there.
Girl Scout Cookies
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Our cookie varieties may have changed throughout the years, but one thing hasn’t—the incredible experiences these cookies provide our Girl Scouts!
Girl Scout Cookies
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This is the power of the Girl Scout Cookie Program!

Meet Yzzy. This is her first year as a Girl Scout and her experience is a little bit different. This little fighter is spending her first cookie season in the hospital while she receives treatment for Systemic mastocytosis and hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis. Due to this she hasn't met her troop yet nor has she been able to participate...
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Girl Scout Cookies
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Hey, we don't judge.
Girl Scout Cookies
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Nothing says I love you like Girl Scout Cookies!
Sending you the sweetest of Valentine's Days!

Girl Scouts
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Girl Scout Cookies are perfect—
For your sweetheart and you.
Annabella from Troop 60013 doesn’t just know what it means to be a sister to every Girl Scout—she lives it. When she found out that one of her Girl Scout sisters fell ill and wouldn’t meet her cookie sales goal, Annabella took action! With the help of her grandmother, Annabella sold as many cookies as she could and credited all of them to her sick friend. Annabella, you are a shining example...
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Your sweetheart deserves something better than a box of chocolates.
If you answered calendars, then you know your Girl Scout history! Girl Scouts also did their patriotic duty and sold war bonds to help the war effort. [ Link ]
Happy Friday! Ready for some trivia?!

Shortages during World War II made it impossible to bake and sell cookies—what did Girl Scouts sell instead to help fund their projects?
We're all snowed in here on the Northeast. Do you have your supplies? [ Link ]

...but if you do need a replacement box sooner than expected, our Cookie Finder app can help you out! [ Link ]
Girl Scout Cookies are more than a special treat—they're a taste of home.

"Thank you to New Jersey Troop 62304 for sending these delicious Girl Scout Cookies! Nothing better than having a little piece of home while being overseas! And thank you to Kenny and his wife for helping set up this wonderful morale boosting gift!”
Some fun facts for you this Monday morning!

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Who First Came Up with the Idea of Selling Girl Scout Cookies?
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