Girl Scout Cookies
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After hearing an educational program from the local zoo, the go-getters of Troop 10706 knew they wanted to help. The girls worked to dedicate a portion of their cookie earnings to a very special cause at the zoo. You go, girls!

Brownies Donate Earnings to Local Zoo -Girl Scouts
Girl Scout Cookies
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Worst. Feeling. Ever.
Girl Scout Cookies
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When you rock your cookie booth sale!
Girl Scout Cookies
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Download our Cookie Finder app to find the closest cookie booths near you! [ Link ]
Girl Scout Cookies
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Every year, millions of Girl Scouts around the country gain valuable and essential life skills. Each day, we help them empower themselves for a lifetime of everyday leadership. It all starts with a box of Girl Scout Cookies. Feed the impact. [ Link ]
Girl Scout Cookies
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May the S'mores be with you, Jason Segel!
Girl Scout Cookies
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Lucky you
Girl Scout Cookies
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Cookie sales βœ”
STEM skills βœ”
Giving back βœ”

Sounds like Girl Scouts!
Girl Scout Cookies
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Happy National Goof Off Day!
Girl Scout Cookies
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ICYMI: this Girl Scout just ended her record-breaking cookie season in a big way!

See This Top Cookie Boss Charm a Boss of Late Night
Girl Scout Cookies
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When you live in a house full of Girl Scouts, you automatically become part of the troop.

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Girl Scout Cookies
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It may not feel like it where you are, but happy first day of Spring!
It's National Chocolate Caramel Day! There's only one way to celebrate: [ Link ]
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Celebrate with a sweet treat: [ Link ]
Girl Scout alumna Jan Davis, the first woman to be a space shuttle commander, takes Girl Scout Cookies into space aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour.
We're all for making new friends.
How many things can you make out of cookie boxes? Well, Troop 3381 gave it a try and discovered A LOT! They spent their last troop meeting making magnets, bookmarks, headbands, notebooks, and moreβ€”all while recycling their empty cookie boxes. This looks like so much fun!
We agree, Dot. We agree.
Stay safe and warm out there!
Joe is definitely a winner with this promposal!