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We're so proud of Councillor Ayanna Pressley! She is a champion of Black women and girls and a constant supporter of GirlTrek especially in the Boston area.

Work your #BlackGirlMagic!

GirlTrek salutes you.

Meet Boston's First Black City Council Woman in 106 Years

GirlTrek walks in the footsteps of powerful, bold, courageous Black women like Shirley Chisholm, who was the first Black woman to be elected to Congress and the first major-party black candidate to run for president.

Today, November 30, would have been her 92nd birthday.

Here, she is shown with the great Rosa Parks in a photo taken in 1968.

“You don’t make progress by standing on the...
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My God!!!! Our families are beautiful and thriving and full of love! This weekend we saw it on full display. From California to Colorado, throughout the heartland, down to the Mississippi Delta and up the east coast - hundreds of families from across the country hosted GirlTrek Family 5Ks as a post-Thanksgiving - in lieu of Black Friday - new family tradition! Instead of spending the day...
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Day 36 of the #40DaysofGratitude challenge: good news!

Give thanks for this beautiful story on the GirlTrek movement featured in the one and only Washington Post.

"... walking has been a healing tradition for black women for a long time, citing abolitionist and ex-slave Harriet Tubman, who, GirlTrek’s website says, “walked our nation to freedom” through the Underground Railroad, and the many...
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A walking movement is energizing African American women

Today is Day 30 of the #40DaysofGratitude. There's only 10 days left of GirlTrek's biggest challenge of the year.

40 days of walks + 40 #GratitudeGrams = Gratitude Trek.

Have you walked every single day no matter what? Who have you appreciated?

Read all about it in Guideposts!

“Through a daily commitment to express to others how much they mean to us, we are able to heal our wounds,...
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GirlTrek Helps Women Walk with Gratitude

We love you Gwen Ifill. More confident than ever that the Lord will say, "Well done good and faithful servant." Thank you for a life of excellence. You inspired brown girls like me around the world.
GirlTrek Health Testimony $ Before/After Pics:

"Long story short, for reasons (initially) out of my control, I ballooned up to 188 pounds. I've been at 135 for 2016 and that's where I'll stay. Never give up. Reach a plateau, switch up your routine. Take a break, when needed, but get back to it. For you, those you love and those who love you. Just DO IT. Life is for the living! Embrace!"
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GirlTrek live from Jackson, MS
Thank you to everyone who coordinated #BlackGirlJusticeLeague walks, led early voting marches and registered voters. Your work and advocacy is appreciated and essential.

GirlTrek unapologetically centers the needs of Black women and girls. We walk for better health, to reclaim the streets of our communities and to create a better world.

The election may be over but the work isn't.

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#GirlTrek's #BlackGirlJusticeLeague IS because of #SeptimaClark.

Septima Clark (May 3, 1898–December 15, 1987) was an influential teacher and civil rights activist. She directed citizenship schools, which helped regular people learn how to teach others in their communities basic literacy and math. One of the greatest benefits of teaching people how to do this was that people were better able...
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On the eve of Election Day 2016, here's a clip from our beloved Fannie Lou Hamer, one of many phenomenal Black women in history who inspire, inform and fuel the work of #GirlTrek's #BlackGirlJusticeLeague.

For merely registering to vote, Fannie Lou Hamer was displaced from her home, her livelihood was threatened and attempts were made on her life.

We salute you #FannieLouHamer.

Fannie Lou Hamer Tells Her Story 1963

Mississippi civil right leader Fannie Lou Hamer tells her story in 1963. A clip from the documentary film ""We'll Never Turn Back" by Harvey Richards. Availa...

Read about GirlTrek's time at Outessa Summit, the three-day outdoor adventure, education and recreation event for women held at the Powder Mountain Resort.

“My Mom loved GirlTrek, oh my gosh,” Kelisha said. “My town is very small, and a lot of women don’t leave out of their homes, didn’t go to college, and my mom gathered them all together and they walk every single day—they don’t care what...
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Exposure Is Everything: GirlTrek Meets the Women-Powered Outessa Summit - REI Co-op Journal

Read GirlTrek's The Huffington Post op-ed on the importance of voting this election and the #BlackGirlJusticeLeague co-authored with Aletha Maybank, M.D., MPH, Deputy Commissioner NYC Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene & Founding Director of the Center for Health Equity.

"As educators, entrepreneurs, preachers, activists and family matriarchs, Black women are and have always been on the...
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Why We Will #WalktoVote | Huffington Post

EXHIBIT A: This is what a health revolution looks like. Three friends in Mississippi got it in early this morning, One of 'em wrote, "Turn-Up Tuesday 8.39 miles #40DayGratitudeChallenge #GratitudeGram #GirltrekGlow #Girltrek #DynamicDivas #SelfCare #WhenWomenWalk incredible things happen #BoutThatActionBoss #1millionby2018 join the movement [ Girltrek.org Link ]
TO MY SURPRISE: When my best friend Vanessa and I started GirlTrek four years ago, we knew that it was something special. We knew that something transformative happens when Black women reclaim time for themselves every day and invite others to do the same. We knew that Black women were influential and radiant and reliable. What we didn't know is HOW we were going to go from two friends with a...
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#GirlTrek knows firsthand the value of spending time in the great outdoors.

Read about why we will #OptOutside with our friends at REI and the new tradition we are starting as an inspiring alternative to the megaconsumerism of Black Friday -- the Family 5k!

"We know fresh air heals. Walking is not only healthy, it can be empowering."

One Step at a Time: GirlTrek's Commitment to a Healthy Lifestyle - REI Co-op Journal

8 days until Election Day and #GirlTrek's #BlackGirlJusticeLeague is ready to roll! Visit the national map at girltrek.org to find a walk near you! If you don't see a walk, create one!

Shoutout to GirlTrek New Orleans for leading a second line to early vote this weekend.
"To opt is to choose. Outside over inside. Adventure over things." This Black Friday, GirlTrek is joining REI for #OptOutside. Instead of spending time indoors buying, we'll be spending time outdoors with our friends and family, celebrating and giving thanks. You can do the same! Plan a family 5K with #GirlTrek, participate in a local race or event, go on a beautiful hike...The options are...
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We heard our friends @REI are going to #OptOutside this year for Black Friday and you KNOW we had to join them!

Why? Because we refuse to fall for the okey-doke! Spending money we don't have on things we don't need when we could be spending time with our loved ones - celebrating life, having fun, getting fresh air and working off all the peach cobbler we ate!

How? This Black Friday...
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Day 6: #40DaysofGratitude This is what a celebration of life looks like. This is gratitude expressed in real time. Sisters lifting you up and supporting you now and always! Salute cancer survivor Sharon in Clinton, MS. #GratitudeTrek #SuperheroSaturday