It's going down!!! On April 1st thousands of Black women will jumpstart their health by joining GirlTrek's national 30-day walking challenge. If you've been looking for some inspiration and accountability, this is it! Do it alone or grab some friends and do it as a group. All the details here: [ Link ]
Meet the Darby family out of Houston, Texas.

These women inspire the GirlTrek universe on the daily. They radiate #BlackGirlJoy. Not only do this mother/daughter trio love one another they uniquely like each other. The family that walks together, gets healthy together.

"Jasmine and I have found so much joy in taking the time out alongside our mother, Cherelle Darby, 53 and younger sister,...
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#BlackGirlHealing: “We Knew That Our Ancestors Would Guide Our Steps”
Happy first day of spring!
Do something bold! #GirlTrek #blackgirladventures #BlackGirlJoy
We see you #GirlTrek cofounder Vanessa Garrison with our day 1 Sandria Washington of They're out in DC looking like a 90s girl group -- TLC, Total, Xscape, SWV.

What would you call a girl group who sang about #BlackGirlJoy #BlackGirlMagic #BlackGirlHealing and healthy living ?????

Drop your best name in the comments.

Happy Friday!

Spotted on an adventure: Margaret from Memphis at the #GrandCanyon #blackgirladventures #GirlTrek

What are your plans for the weekend?
This past weekend Black women across the country gathered for #WeAreHarriet, an annual celebration held each year on Harriet Tubman Day, March 10th. These gatherings are an opportunity for sisters to come together in love, and set a public intention of taking control of their health. We do it because Harriet walked to freedom, and if she could do that, we know for sure that we can walk to...
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What do Gayle King, Serena Williams, Morgan and Vanessa have in common? We're all going to the BIG STAGE baby! TED 2017!!!! This is what we've been dreaming of, working for, praying on and believing in since we met all those years ago in college. Just two homegirls who committed to their own healing, rallied other women to do the same and ended up starting the largest health movement for Black...
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Read about #WeAreHarriet online at Ebony:

“We don’t also talk a good game, we walk it too. We are doing the work because we know walking is the single most impactful thing you can do for your health,” says Garrison. Dixon agrees. “We are walking to save our lives in the footsteps of the world’s greatest freedom fighter, Harriet Tubman.”

It's not too late to join the #WeAreHarriet weekend...
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Women Globally Set Out to Walk Like Harriet Tubman
This #BlackGirlJoy moment is brought to you by #GirlTrek & #Beyonce #InternationalWomensDay #WomensHistoryMonth
Join #GirlTrek for a #WeAreHarriet Women's Health Tweet Chat, Thursday, March 9 from noon to 1 p.m. EST. with our phenomenal cohosts the first network for Black women, CentricTV and the No. 1 website for Black health,

We're going to be talking health and Harriet Tubman.

We are so here for this bold, primetime portrayal of #HarrietTubman.

Will you be watching Aisha Hinds star as Harriet Tubman in the television drama Underground on tomorrow?

And just in time for GirlTrek's annual #WeAreHarriet celebration, Friday, March 10th-Saturday, March 11th.

‘Underground’ Star Aisha Hinds Says Playing Harriet Tubman Felt ‘Impossible’
The countdown is on to GirlTrek's annual #WeAreHarriet celebration weekend, Friday, March 10th-Saturday, March 11th.

We do it for Harriet Tubman, the greatest freedom fighter to have ever walked this Earth.

For the rest of the week, please change your social media profile pictures to the image below of Harriet Tubman to honor this visionary who was bold enough to believe she could be free...
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#GirlTrek cofounder T Morgan Dixon drops gem after gem during this interview about walking, #WeAreHarriet and #BlackGirlHealing.

“Small waistlines and skinny jeans have never been why we do this.”

“GirlTrek has become a neighborhood watch in sneakers.”

“If the mom is committed to a lifetime of active, healthy, personal glow, her whole family changes.”

156, Morgan Dixon, GirlTrek | When Black Women Walk, Things Change
The countdown is on to GirlTrek’s fourth annual #WeAreHarriet celebration weekend!

Join thousands of Black women and girls from across the country to celebrate the world’s greatest freedom fighter, Harriet Tubman on March 10-11.

Win a life-size cutout of Harriet Tubman for your Harriet House Party. Don't know what a Harriet House Party is but want to get in on the action: Check out our fun...
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It's Fat Tuesday down in New Orleans.

Happy Mardi Gras 2017!

GirlTrek is everywhere spreading #BlackGirlJoy and #BlackGirlHealing.

Fact: Wherever you see Superhero Blue there is joy!

Check us out marching in a parade in New Orleans.
Congratulations Viola Davis for being the first Black actresses to win an Oscar, Emmy and Tony for acting. Congratulations sister!!! ...and thank you for shining your light so bright!!!
Meet GirlTrekker Rev. Theresa.

She tells her story of #BlackGirlHealing at

"The words that the founders Vanessa and Morgan spoke were, 'Walk yourself to FREEDOM.' They did not ask me to record my food intake nor count my steps. They simply said, 'Sister, we love you. We believe in you. We need you to love yourself enough to commit to walking 30 minutes a day.' THIS I could...
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#BlackGirlHealing: “I Walked Until 230 Pounds Of Burdens Lifted From My Body”
Fact: Wherever there is Superhero Blue there is joy.

Fact: GirlTrek is on a mission to inspire 1 million Black women and girls to live their healthiest, most-fulfilled lives by walking in the direction of their best health by the year 2018.

Fact: Start where you are. Walk on your lunch break. Walk after school. Walk in your neighborhood. Walk with friends. Walk alone.

Fact: GirlTrek has B I...
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GirlTrek inviting you to walk for the 2017 season
Lights! Camera! Action!

Stay tuned for a very big announcement from GirlTrek.

Oh you thought we were playing when we said that we're doing it even bigger than ever in 2017.

Don't sleep. We're taking #BlackGirlHealing to every corner of the world.