GirlTrek inviting you to walk for the 2017 season
Lights! Camera! Action!

Stay tuned for a very big announcement from GirlTrek.

Oh you thought we were playing when we said that we're doing it even bigger than ever in 2017.

Don't sleep. We're taking #BlackGirlHealing to every corner of the world.
Walking in the direction of your healthiest life, is one way #GirlTrek mothers model healthy behavior for their families.

"I'm 34 years old and I am struggling to live my best fit life. Eating right is hard. Walking everyday is hard. Staying fit is hard. I don't want that for my daughters. I want walking, eating right, drinking water and being active to be apart of their lifestyle. I want...
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Breaking News: New photo discovered of Harriet Tubman!! Can't stop staring at it!!! Look at her!! Yeeeess. Even as a young woman, she had the eye of the tiger. God knows we needed this now. We are READY and re-energized for the freedom fight! Share this and break the internet!! Best Black History Month gift ever. #GirlTrek

Here's the full story: [ Link ]
Fact: Wherever there's superhero blue there's joy. #GirlTrek #blackjoy #blackgirljoy #RNRollNOLA #raceday
Today is Rosa Parks day! GirlTrek salutes her for her bravery and her place in history as a changemaker.

Do yourself a favor and research this courageous woman. She did so much more than refuse to give up her seat on a bus 60+ years ago.

"I would like to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free... so other people would be also free. I would like to be known as a person who is...
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Black History Month salute:

Mother Harriet Tubman is the unofficial saint of GirlTrek. We admire her for saving herself first and then going back to save her family and others. She did this by walking to freedom.

GirlTrek is founded on the premise that when Black women walk things C H A N G E!

"I had reasoned this out in my mind, there was one of two things I had a right to, liberty or...
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"If history is repeating itself, why not look to our history for change-makers? Freedom fighters!"

GirlTrek cofounders Vanessa Garrison and T Morgan Dixon tell their story to Guideposts.

GirlTrek is the largest nonprofit and most inspiring health movement dedicated to Black women and girls. Take a walk. Join a movement.

GirlTrek: Regaining Your Health One Step at a Time

T. Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison, the founders of GirlTrek, share how they were inspired to create what is now the largest health non-profit for Black wo...

Black women in all of our glorious splendor! Congratulations to the cast of Hidden Figures.

Black women are the solution. We have always been on the frontlines of change even in outer space.

"Hidden Figures no more!" Taraji P. Henson.
Looking for some inspiration this Friday?

Look no further ...

Read about the spiritual journey that led GirlTrek cofounder T Morgan Dixon to start the largest, most inspirational health movement for Black women and girls with her best friend from college, Vanessa Garrison.

"Exercise and a healthy diet would help, but what we were facing was as much a mental, emotional and spiritual burden...
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Two Friends Start a Nationwide March to Better Health
Yes!!! Major shout out to NBC for recognizing that one of the biggest stories of the weekend was the work that GirlTrek is doing with Black women.

"In the wake of a historic presidential election, Black women are united more than ever. We are committed to the causes that mean the most to us and our communities," explains GirlTrek co-founder, T. Morgan Dixon.

[ Link ]

GirlTrek Stages Day of Healing and Self-Care
"A whole Black woman is a powerful thing" - Michaela angela Davis

The real work happened yesterday!!! We are committed to standing on the frontlines for justice, but we plan to do it as healthy, cared for Black women! Do you hear us? Now enjoy these beautiful scenes from GirlTrek's day of #BlackGirlHealing held yesterday in Washington D.C. We created a safe space for Black women to laugh,...
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Black women have the blueprint for healing and survival embedded deep in our DNA.

If you couldn't make it to Washington D.C. yesterday for GirlTrek's day of #BlackGirlHealing, here is a taste of the glorious experience. As the largest health nonprofit serving Black women and girls in the country, GirlTrek is committed to creating safe spaces for Black women to address real trauma, have...
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Today, #GirlTrek marched in the Women's March on Washington for Harriet Tubman, Ella Baker, Rosa Parks, Sojourner Truth, Fannie Lou Hamer, Septima Clark, Coretta Scott King and all of our foremothers.

And #BlackGirlHealing.

Am I my sister's keeper? No.

I am my sister.


Day of #BlackGirlHealing LIVE with Michaela angela Davis.
BREAKING NEWS: #GirlTrek is taking over CentricTV's SnapChat account! We will be snapping from our day of #BlackGirlHealing
event so you'll be able to catch us doing workshops like Trap Yoga, Laugh Therapy plus a special moderated conversation with Michaela angela Davis.

And tomorrow we'll be snapping at the historic Women's March on Washington.
Who's rolling with the rush? #GirlTrek will be in full #formation at the #WomensMarch this Saturday in DC. Put on a #SuperheroBlue shirt and join us as we walk in solidarity for total health, happiness and liberation! If you want to walk with us, come on! We'll be your crew. Meet-up details here: [ Link ]
GirlTrek is fired up and ready to go.

We have always known that when Black women walk, things happen. We know that marching and standing up for what you believe in is how you help bring about the changes you want for you and your families and even the world. See Harriet Tubman. Fannie Lou Hamer. Ella Baker and countless others.

We are proud to participate in the Women's March on Washington...
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GirlTrek joins the Women's March on Washington

Can she BE more adorable?

Retweeted ESSENCE (@Essence):
This 4-year-old has read over 1,000 books AND became Library Of Congress’ β€œLibrarian For A Day”

...PLUS she gets a private tour from the first Black head of the Library of Congress. #Fireworks #PitterPatter #MagicAmplified #HopeRising

[ Link ] [ Link ]
Matthew 18:20, β€œFor where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” There are nearly 100,000 Black women standing together now. You are the love warriors, the care conjurers, the justice crusaders who have made GirlTrek the largest health nonprofit serving Black women in America! Thank you for bringing full faith, radical love and the power of prayer to this movement. Thank...
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