Nature is our home.
From our friends at We Are Wildness
Nature is our home
From our friends at We Are Wildness
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A self-taught industrial designer, Mr. Fresco promoted an alternative society where resources would be distributed equitably by computers.
Give A Shit About Nature 05/25/2017

Jacque Fresco, Futurist Who Envisioned a Society Without Money, Dies at 101
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Pretty much. You don't get a second planet if you can't take care of the first one.
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One does not walk into the forest and accuse the trees of being off-center, nor do they visit the shore and call the waves imperfect. Why then do we look at ourselves this way?

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Give A Shit About Nature 05/23/2017
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A new scientific analysis finds that the Earth’s oceans are rising nearly three times as rapidly as they were throughout most of the 20th century, one of the strongest indications yet that a much feared trend of not just sea level rise, but its acceleration, is now underway. “We have a much stronger...
Give A Shit About Nature 05/23/2017

Oceans rising three times faster now than they were in 1990
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Two barrels, or 84 gallons, spilled due to a leaky flange at a pipeline terminal in Watford City on March 3, according to the state's Health Department
Give A Shit About Nature 05/22/2017

Multiple leaks found along Dakota Access pipeline
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Yeah I know. Not about nature. Don't care. Contact your representative. Demand impeachment.
Yeah I know Not about nature Don't care Contact your representative Demand impeachment

Trump revealed intelligence secrets to Russians in Oval Office: officials
Give A Shit About Nature
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If you love being out in nature, there are the 10 best careers in nature that you should be checking out!
Give A Shit About Nature 05/15/2017

10 Of The Best Careers For Nature Enthusiasts
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The administration has taken a hatchet to climate change language across government websites. Here are several of the more egregious examples
Give A Shit About Nature 05/15/2017

Trump is deleting climate change, one site at a time
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Garden centres and other retailers are selling supposedly ‘bee-friendly’ plants that contain high levels of dangerous insecticides, according to a new study. Researchers bought 29 such flowers from five different companies, four major retailers and one local nursery.
Give A Shit About Nature 05/15/2017

Garden centres selling 'bee-friendly' plants laced with pesticides that harm them, study finds
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Shop men's & women's clothing and plant 10 trees while you're at it. Hoodies, t shirts, tank tops, and long sleeve sweaters. ten trees are planted for every item purchased.
Give A Shit About Nature 05/13/2017

This Year's "Super Bloom" In California Was So Intense You Could See It From Space | tentree
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Leak raises fresh concerns about hazards to waterways and outrages indigenous groups, who have long warned of threat to environment
Give A Shit About Nature 05/11/2017

Dakota Access pipeline has first leak before it's fully operational
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