Wishing all of our beautiful friends a very Happy Valentine's Day filled with LOVE. #GivenchyBeauty #valentineday
Create your perfect red with Rouge Révélateur's made-to-measure formula that adjusts to your skin's unique pH. #GivenchyBeauty #IWasHere #RougeInterdit
One part luminous red Rouge Interdit and one part edgy, black, self-adjusting Noir Révélateur… color so delicious, it's forbidden. #GivenchyBeauty #IWasHere #RougeInterdit
Drench your lips in the ultimate forbidden shade: Rouge Révélateur. Mysteriously marbled in red and black, it adapts to every skin type for customized color payoff.#GivenchyBeauty #IWasHere #RougeInterdit
An enigmatic beauty. Her sensuality and allure, undeniable and her lipstick? The intense, luminous and unforgettable, Rouge Interdit. #GivenchyBeauty #IWasHere #RougeInterdit
Created so you can leave your mark… Rouge Interdit's high impact color and satin finish are destined make an impression. #GivenchyBeauty #IWasHere #RougeInterdit
From its pure, magical transparency to extreme depths, the Points d’Encrage Collection explores the fragile nature of ink's ability to meld together rich color and diverse texture. #GivenchyBeauty #SS17
A study in transformation, Points d'Encrage Collection's inky inspiration makes its textures and colors ideal for layering and combining to create a unique pallet of deep shades that become delicately sheer on contact. #GivenchyBeauty #SS17
Inspired by the bravery of rare moments and the freedom of simplicity and naked emotion, Givenchy Creative Director of makeup & color, Nicolas Degennes has created Points d'Encrage, Spring Summer 2017 Collection. #GivenchyBeauty #SS17
Happy New Year! Wishing everyone the most beautiful one yet! #GivenchyBeauty
Be enchanted. Experience the magic of the holidays with the festive shimmer of Very Irrésistible Sparkling Edition. #GivenchyBeauty
For this Christmas season, fill your lips with the unique shades of Rouge Interdit Vinyl. #GivenchyBeauty
Flash a festive holiday smile! For Christmas, envelop your lips in pure sophistication and a chic couture finish. #GivenchyBeauty
This Christmas season, light up your eyes with a powerful intensity and a gorgeous glow. #GivenchyBeauty
Like a precious gift, Audace de l'Or gilds your holiday makeup in shimmering gold leaf. #GivenchyBeauty #Xmas16
Holidays are the best time to try new makeup. Get a complete look with Le Rouge-à-Porter, Le Prisme Visage and Le Prisme Libre Voile Audacieux. #GivenchyBeauty
This Christmas… step into a secret world gilded in gleaming gold with Audace de l'Or Christmas Collection, by Nicolas Degennes. #GivenchyBeauty #Xmas16
Le Rouge Perfecto's balmy-sheer color and texture is the perfect finish to every makeup look for this Christmas. #GivenchyBeauty