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“I read the script and that moment where it's a thing never happened,” she says. “I asked him, then, why he wanted a trans woman if it’s never mentioned that she’s trans -- even I've inherited this bias that I only exist to be trans -- but he said, ‘Well I thought about it, then I figured they've been friends for a long time, she lives in the same town, she's lived with her boyfriend for...
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EXCLUSIVE: Jen Richard Pushes Hollywood Forward With ‘Easy Living’ and ‘Nashville’
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Virginia Governor McAuliffe vetoed a bill that would have made discrimination the law of the land in the state. Comment with a to celebrate!
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8 transgender women of color have been killed in the first three months of 2017. Alphonza Watson was killed in Baltimore on Wednesday.

The media must bring attention to the violence being committed against transgender women of color #ProtectTransWomen

GLAAD calls for increased and accurate media coverage of transgender murders
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“Coaches in American towns are not just key leaders in their communities but they are mentors that set an example for our children. With numerous anti-LGBTQ bills popping up across this country, we need more leaders like coaches Krzyzewski and Williams who will stand up to political bullies while showing what’s the right thing to do – protecting our nation’s most vulnerable.”

GLAAD to America's coaches and athletic communities: it's time to publicly reject anti-LGBTQ bills across USA
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“Patricia Arquette embodies the critical voice needed during these times to resist against injustice and discrimination across a range of issues,” said GLAAD President & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. #glaadawards

Patricia Arquette To Be Honored At The 2017 GLAAD Media Awards, Will Pay Tribute To Sister Alexis Arquette
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#TrumpCare would erase access to lifesaving HIV prevention and care. This is not how to "Make America Great Again."

h/t Corey Johnson

How Congress could bring back HIV and AIDS
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“I never want to repeat the experiences I’ve been through,” Brinton said. “And I never want any other child to have to go through them.”

LGBTQ survivors are fighting to ban so-called "ex-gay" camps
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“The Tennessee State Senate took an important step in stopping SB771, the ‘bathroom bill’ that would have caused public backlash, upended the state economy, and put the lives of transgender Tennesseans in jeopardy. But the state legislature still has a number of other bills - #SlateOfHate - that could permit open discrimination to the entire LGBTQ community. Tennesseans cannot let up until...
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GLAAD applauds Tennessee State Senate for stopping destructive anti-trans bill
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A powerful new video that premiered at South by Southwest® Interactive Festival highlights the stories, struggles, and resilience of the LGBTQ community in Jamaica. Logo’s Global Ally campaign partnered with the groundbreaking photography project, “Where Love Is Illegal” to create “This Is Who I Am: Stories of LGBTQ Survival from Jamaica,” a video which looks into the lives of a group of young...
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Stories of LGBTQ survival in Jamaica featured at SXSW
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"Questioning whether it’s appropriate to include an LGBTQ character in a children’s film is frankly absurd. Kids see LGBTQ couples and families in their everyday lives — we’re their moms and dads, their teachers and neighbors, their uncles, aunts, and grandparents." -GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis #TeamLeFou

‘Beauty and the Beast’ Shows That LGBTQ Characters Are Good for Business (Guest Column)
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Add your name now to tell studios that you support LGBTQ representation in film. #TeamLeFou

Show Hollywood studios that we support increased representation for LGBTQ characters
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Donald J. Trump's SCOTUS pick Neil Gorsuch is in confirmation hearings today. Learn more about him at GLAAD's Trump Accountability Project: [ Link ]
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Ellen DeGeneres talked to Billions star Asia Kate Dillon about what it means to have a non-binary gender identity.

'Billions' Star Tells Ellen What It Means To Identify As Gender Non-Binary
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GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis joined forces with Wendy Davis to speak out against an anti-transgender bill making its way through the Texas legislature.

Read what they had to say: [ Link ] #StopSB6
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A team from GLAAD is on the ground in Texas for Advocacy Day and to help local activists fight against the anti-transgender legislation SB6.

Add your name now to help fight against discrimination: [ Link ] #StopSB6
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“The Trump Administration is literally attempting to erase the LGBTQ community from the fabric of American history. Our LGBTQ seniors, many of whom survived the HIV and AIDS epidemic, do not deserve to have the government once again brush them off from obtaining transportation services, caregiver support, and even delivered meals that fit their needs. Access to these services is an American...
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Trump Administration removes LGBTQ seniors from federal care surveys
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Wendy Davis and GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis joined forces to speak out against the anti-transgender bill making its way through the Texas legislature.

"The elected officials in the Texas Capitol have a choice to make: Will they set a good example for our kids by standing for an equal society, a vibrant economy and a more compassionate place for everyone?" #StopSB6

Stop SB 6 — the kids are watching, by Wendy Davis and Sarah Kate Ellis
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Disney has introduced a gay character and helped to send a clear message to LGBTQ kids that they're important. #TeamLeFou.

Box Office: ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Smashes Records With Towering $170 Million Debut
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“The opponents of this film are trying to position themselves as pro-family, and they’re really anti-family and anti-LGBTQ. I think that they are few and far between.” - GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis #TeamLeFou

GLAAD president: "Beauty and the Beast" foes are "outliers"