Glacier National Park
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The interface between solid and liquid. Things are slowly starting to melt and the rivers are rising.

Our snow is very soft right now. Be careful walking on it. It's easy to posthole up to your thighs and get stuck. #voiceofexperience #iceinmyshoes (bh)
Glacier National Park
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Happiness is... discovering your hidden stash of cones! -RT
Glacier National Park
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It's that time of year again! Our road crews are busy working hard to get campgrounds open for the summer. No campgrounds are currently open for summer camping, but you can find current information on campground status by visiting our website's camping page at [ Link ].
And, be sure to give our road crews space when you see them! (ms)
Spring is literally drumming on our doorstep!!!! This Hairy Woodpecker puts all of us in the mood to CELEBRATE! -RT
It's almost Spring. The varied thrush are singing, the lake is melting, and the sun came out in full force this afternoon. This is what Lake McDonald looked like at 6:00 pm today. (bh)
The views at Lake McDonald have been great today, but be aware of the melting ice! You can't judge the strength of ice just by its appearance, thickness, or age. As Spring approaches, open water is starting to appear along the shorelines. (rm)
Mid-march sunrise from the historic Belton Bridge reveals a dramatic shift in the color of the Flathead River from the sediment pouring in from the melting snow. Now... it is only a matter of time! - RT
Glacier's rugged early history is full of daring tales. In honor of Women's History Month, here's one about a tenacious woman named Bud Henderson who wouldn't give up when it came to saving a life.

Norwegian-born Gonhild "Bud" Henderson was a dispatcher at the Great Northern Railway's Belton Depot, just outside the west entrance to Glacier National Park, from 1917-1927. She got the nickname...
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GO OUTSIDE AND LISTEN!!! About 8:30 a.m. yesterday morning in Apgar Village, flocks of migrating Tundra Swans filled the skies! This is a great time of the year, especially with the still somewhat late mornings, to look to the skies with your eyes and mostly your ears to discover what's flying overhead. That morning I heard two distinctive migrating bird calls, the canada goose, and the tundra...
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Calling all educators! Glacier National Park and The Glacier Institute are currently accepting applications for the Discovering Glacier through Science & Culture Teacher Workshop. This four-day workshop will be held June 26-29, 2017 at Glacier Institute's Field Camp, located inside the park boundary in West Glacier. Teachers will learn about a variety of current research projects and learn...
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It's been just over an hour and already hundreds of people have submitted applications for a summer backcountry camping permit. Are you going to get yours in today? (bh) [ Link ]
Hey World!: Sunrise Lake McDonald! 36 degrees, warm enough to hang out in, but not warm enough for the phone! Photos of migrating birds to follow later. -RT
One, tiny, wet, bedraggled looking Starling hunting for morsels along the shores of the creek. More wet weather in store! Happy hunting little bird! -RT
It's almost gone! This chewed on surprise was found near the outlet of Lake McDonald. Check out the detail from the Beaver's teeth marks while you chew on this- beaver's teeth continuously grow to offset the wearing down by the wood they chew. -RT
As we are experiencing an angry arctic blast of air at the park today, we are reminded that although the calendar date of SPRING (much cheering) is quickly drawing near, the icy grasp of winter holds fast and tight. If you're traveling to the area keep an eye out on road and weather conditions as they may change rapidly in the coming hours. -RT
This Steller's Jay didn't let the arctic blast of cool air deter it from hunting for insects! -RT
An awesome opportunity from our education partner, The Glacier Institute, to learn how Glacier's plants and animals survive the winter, while you enjoy a ski outing with new friends. Click the post for details.
From tip to tip, Canada Geese, have a wingspan on average from 4.2 - 5.6 feet. This goose was unchillin' with two mallards in the ever enlarging outlet of Lake McDonald, before the crunching of my snow boots startled them into flight. The goose's long, slow, impressively strong wingbeats gave enough time to snap a few shots. -RT
A shrouded mountain fights to break through the clouds to see the sunfilled forests in its domain. (ms) #HiddenMountain
The sun DID stick around longer than expected! Noon at Lake McDonald. -RT