Glacier National Park
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Glacier National Park
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Attention Astronomers! Glacier National Park is now recruiting for 2-3 Astro Volunteers to provide solar and celestial viewing and education programs this summer. We have lots of high quality telescopes, but we need someone with comprehensive knowledge of the night sky, good communication skills, and a desire to share the wonders of the night sky with park visitors. Check out our more detailed...
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Glacier National Park
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This mohawked-crowned king of the river, the Belted Kingfisher, waits patiently in the tree tops, keenly watching the clear stream below for his meal-on-fins to arrive. -RT
Glacier National Park
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A look at the Middle Fork today reveals some glassy water. A warming trend has caused hats and gloves to come off and lots of dripping, moving water. #LotsOfSlush (ms)
Winter IS for the birds... (well mostly)! Winter is a great time to observe our over-wintering species like these male Common Goldeneyes. Carefully, shuffling around the icy parking lot in the Apgar Village area of Lake McDonald, I heard chittering and drumming in the trees, even though my focus was the creek. I stayed off the ice on the lake, and after a short tromp through the snow (should...
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The gray skies are back (insert ranger sigh)... however, in their presence the slivers of water, become slivers of silver; timeless reflections of mountains gleaming in black, white and chrome. -RT
Our park partner, the Glacier Institute is offering a great opportunity to learn some winter photography skills. (bh)
Beneath the snow, our roses still have yet to bloom. The only thing blue is our ice, and the gray of our gloom. And... this poem comes a day too late, to shout and or celebrate, so what does a national park do? Post a photo of a Raven, who's eyes speak it true, every day here is a valentine, with lots' of love for you. -RT
Sunshine most of the day in the St Mary valley but also fierce winds and a ground blizzard. Brrrr.
There is a spectacular sunset going on right now at Lake McDonald, but YIKES please be safe and stay off the lake ice. We don't know how thick it is or if it is safe. (bh)
It was another partly sunny day to start the week. Today the snowshoers were out in force. The recent warmer temperatures have warmed up the top layers of the snow and made for a good firm surface to snowshoe on. Come on out and check out winter in Glacier National Park. (bh)
People often ask why Lake McDonald hasn't frozen over yet, because most winters it doesn't. This year the ice finally crept out from the shoreline and the lake is almost completely frozen. Several weeks of single digit temperatures and calm winds did the trick. The ice is probably not very thick however. We strongly encourage everyone to stay off of the ice.

This evening, with temperatures in...
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A recent warming trend this week brought buckets of rain instead of shovelfuls of snow, who wouldn't soar afterwards to see the blue, deep blue, skies filled to the horizon with sun! Bald eagle. - RT
Bull trout are the top native predators of the upper Columbia River system. But, they face many threats. Competition from invasive lake trout and warming stream temperatures are a couple of them. Park biologists and U.S. Geological Survey researchers have teamed up to try and save some of the last remaining bull trout strongholds in Glacier. Find out how by reading the Crown of the Continent...
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Out in the silent snow-filled woods, between the morning cube, the afternoon cube, the bike path and the road... I stop to listen.... in the beautiful monotony of snow-flocked trees, there is nothing- a silence between breaths, a silence between the swish and punch of the ski-poles, not even a chickadee today. It does not feel empty though. It feels full of life, life pausing, life waiting,...
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If you hear a peanut gallery's worth of chittering and chatting in the trees... look up! Flocks of Chestnut-backed Chickadees are snatching the snackliscious cornucopia of seeds available in the forest! -RT
The HUGE snow dump we had recently affected more than just our roads... As food preferables become scarce especially during the winter time, White-tailed Deer turn to lichens as a source high in carbohydrates and potentially a source of free water, especially during the colder periods. Yum! -RT
Hey World: Snow Day (redux)! Thanks everyone for watching! Phone can't take the cold so it abruptly shuts off at the end. -Ranger Tim
Awesome Sauce!!!! The Glacier National Park webcams are off the charts post winter storm! [ Link ]