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Glacier National Park
yesterday at 00:31. Facebook
It was a lovely pastel end of the day at Lake McDonald.

The lake is still not fully frozen, but there is a shelf of ice extending out quite a ways. Do not venture out onto icy lakes, particularly at lower elevations. It may look solid but it may still be quite thin and unable support the weight of a human. (bh)
Glacier National Park
01/15/2017 at 20:42. Facebook
Glacier National Park
01/15/2017 at 19:48. Facebook
Even in winter, park trails offer opportunities for exploration and adventure. (bh)
Glacier National Park
01/13/2017 at 18:16. Facebook
Like their cousins of summer... hoarfrost blossoms on the icy glass surface of Lake McDonald, seeming immediately though to go to seed, sending their windblown crystal package to blossom again multiplying their blooms among the dark black sky surface of the frozen lake. - RT
Glacier National Park
01/12/2017 at 21:22. Facebook
The clear and cold day we had yesterday ended with a beautiful sunset last night. You gotta love those hot pink mountains. (ah)
Glacier National Park
01/11/2017 at 22:23. Facebook
Free one hour avalanche awareness courses available through the Flathead Avalanche Center, Friday January 13th in Coram at the Stonefly Lounge and Tuesday, January 17th at the Browning Community Hospital. Watch the video and follow the link below to learn more information.


Glacier National Park
01/11/2017 at 18:44. Facebook
Sunrise is beginning to come slightly earlier. This morning, at the Apgar Village edge of Lake McDonald, mist rose in thick icy curls obscuring the grander vistas, but farther down the Sun road, the mountains were out. It was an eerie drive up the road through the fog, at times golden, glimpses of the mountains through the trees, and everything but the lake still in the chilled winter air. -RT
Glacier National Park
01/11/2017 at 16:44. Facebook
Winter woods in Glacier are usually quite quiet. So when you hear anything...you usually take note. This pileated woodpecker caught my eye, or I guess my ear, yesterday with it's rat-a-tat-tat drilling on an old snag (dead standing tree). To stay warm in these colder temps, birds need to eat, ALOT. From the sound of things, this one found some yummy insects for lunch! (ms)
Glacier National Park
01/10/2017 at 15:00. Facebook
#tonguetwistertuesday! Cheery Chippy Chatty Chickadees Chiefly Choose Conifer Seeds To Chew. (photo Mountain Chickadee)
Results from our annual #ChristmasBirdCount are in! Highlights included unusual observations (for this time of year) of 5 Varied Thrushes, 2 Pacific Wrens, an American Robin, a White-throated Sparrow, a Sharp-shinned Hawk, a Northern Hawk Owl, and a White-breasted Nuthatch (rare any time of year here). We had record high counts for Snow Buntings (15) and Trumpter Swans (25, including 8...
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Our education partner, The Glacier Institute, is offering a fly-tying course on Sat., Jan. 14th. Both beginning and experienced fly tyers are welcome to join and build or improve their skills. Follow link for details.
We have some spectacular icicles on the West Entrance building today. (bh)
Waves of hoar frost scattered like frozen stars in an upside down cosmos grace the shores of an otherworldly wintery Lake McDonald. Winter, that day, was anything but silent, filled with the pops and gurgles of water sluggishly moving beneath the growing frozen sheets. -RT
Hey World!: 3 Degrees of Brrr and and we discovered it's too cold for the batteries on the phone! Apologies for the abrupt ending. ☃❄❄
It's Throwback Thursday, so here's a shot of the view from the Granite Park Chalet on a July day last year. (ah)
Frost crystals along the shore of Lake McDonald
What's the definition of clear and cold? That would be the view of Lake McDonald this afternoon at 3:30pm. After a morning low around -16F degrees the afternoon warmed up to somewhere around 7F above. The lake has a rim of ice around the edges, but so far the surface has not started to freeze over.

Water is densest at 39F, so as the surface water reaches that temperature it sinks (that's why...
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Because the park is so quiet in the winter, you will often have spectacular views like this all to yourself. This photo was taken on the Snyder Lake trail last February. What are your favorite places to explore in the winter? (ah)
We hope you enjoyed our year of #NPSCentennial Birthdays. Did you learn something new? Did you visit a place you never knew existed? Did you #FindYourPark?

As we've seen, the National Park Service is responsible for many amazing places that tell thought-provoking stories. Looking back at 2016, we say Happy Birthday to all parks, recreation areas, historic sites, monuments, preserves, and...
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Wow! Have you checked out the [ Sharetheexperience.org Link ] photo contest yet? More than 200 new entries for Glacier National Park have been submitted in the past 2 weeks. Any amateur photographers who want to submit an entry have until midnight tonight to do so. Good luck! (Photo of hoary marmot near Hidden Lake trail by Kathy Kuhn.)