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"Genie" had been kept locked in a room for 13 years, never learning how to talk. By the time she was finally saved, linguists realized it was too late for her to learn language at all. More than 4 decades later, where is Genie?

In 1970, A 13-Year-Old 'Feral Child' Walked Into A Welfare Office, Unable To Speak. Over Four Decades Later, She Still Can't Learn Language
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Jessica Capitani thought her ultrasound was going great. She found out that her growing bundle of joy was a boy and the day just couldn’t seem to get any better. Suddenly, her doctor warned her to shut off the camera so they could have a talk about her unborn baby.

Pregnant Wife Films Baby’s First Ultrasound, Then Doctor Urges Her To Turn Off The Camera
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If you don't laugh at these, I swear...

17 Pics That Are Just Funny So Deal With It, Okay?
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He had purchased a used car, but the previous owner forgot they left something hidden in the door!

Something Was Wrong With His Car Window, But When He Takes It Apart..'I'm Rich!!'
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Stephanie gave birth to two sons just 15 months apart. The proud new mom posted photos of her family on Instagram, but people couldn't help but notice her post-baby bump looked different than others.

Mom Shares Photo After Having 2 Babies 15 Months Apart, But They Notice Her ‘Strange’ Stomach
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Click to see who ❤ you more than life! :)

Who Wants To Run Away With You?
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The mom hadn’t heard from her toddler in days. Finally, after going a whole week without hearing anything, she began to worry. So she sent her boyfriend to check things out. The second he arrived, he knew something was terribly wrong—then, the smell hit him.

After Going A Week Without Hearing From Toddler, Mom Sends Boyfriend To Check Things Out. The Smell Hits Him First.
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They were offered a five bedroom home that they refused, claiming that they need at least six double bedrooms to live comfortably. Is this fair? Yes or no?

Family Of 10 On Welfare Has New Demand For Government On What They’re Entitled To
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Steve wasn't even prepared for what this little girl brought to the stage!

Little Girl Prays For Steve Harvey, Has Audience In Stitches
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We’ve been mired in election season for so long, that it seems impossible that there are any stones still left unturned. In particular, GOP candidate Donald Trump has had billions of dollars of free…

Here's Why We Hardly Ever Hear About Tiffany Trump, the Daughter 'The Donald' Abandoned - Fame Focus
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When Diana and her friends went out to dinner, they were excited to enjoy a night out. But when the waiter approached their table, he asked her something that stopped her cold.

Waiter Loses His Job After Saying The Unthinkable To A Table Full Of Women
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And I always thought it was because they added an "s" to "Mr." - so wrong.

“Mrs” Has an “R” in It Because It Used to Stand for Something Other Than “Missus”
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‘Next time you wonder whether your skirt is too short, next time you ask your teen daughter to change her clothes, or the next time you hear about school dress codes in the news, remember thi…

Woman’s Post About Getting Catcalled Goes Viral Because of What She Was Wearing