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After Octavia Spencer bought out a screening on MLK weekend, the cast and crew of Hidden Figures were inspired by her generous actions and did the same thing in their own hometowns!

Octavia Spencer Bought Out An Entire Screening Of Her Film ‘Hidden Figures’ For Families Who Couldn’t Afford It, Inspiring Her Co-Stars To Do The Same
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If pooping your pants is your goal, you came to the right place

24 Pics That Scream 'Hell No!'
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Jeremy Calvert is done holding anything back! This time instead of a short Instagram video, he decided that a whole interview was necessary to say everything he needed to!

Jeremy Calvert Spills It All In New Interview: From The Status Of His Engagement To How MTV Reacted To His Rants About The Show
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In 2010, Lynda Cestone suffered a life-changing stroke that left her paralyzed and completely bedridden. Her husband, Donald Jenman, continued caring for her until a fire suddenly broke out in their home in 2016. Lynda and her 12 cats perished in the fire, but Donald miraculously made it out alive. Nearly one year later, investigators say it's not so "miraculous" after all.

6 Years After A Catastrophic Stroke Leaves Wife Bedridden, Her Home Mysteriously Burns Down. When Her Husband Makes It Out Alive, Police Get Suspicious
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When he told the judges he was going to sing a classic, they had little faith. But, this 14-year-old blows them away!

Terrified Boy Walks Onto The Stage, Within Seconds The Entire Crowd Erupts Into Cheers
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Malia is currently taking a gap year, something Harvard encourages all of its admitted students to do. After she returns from her family vacation, she'll begin work at a great internship in New York.

Malia Obama Heads To Show Business For The Second Time, Will Intern For Producer Harvey Weinstein Before Starting At Harvard
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I never paid attention to these marks, but it turns out they're really important.

Why There Are Diamonds on Tape Measures
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Robert Bance couldn't control his jealousy when he caught his wife hanging out in the pub with another man. When he let it completely control him, things started to go downhill. Now, he's regretting everything that happened.

He Gets Into A Jealous Rage After He Sees Wife With Another Man. Then, He Calls The Police.
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What’s the worst autocorrect YOU’VE ever encountered on your phone?

40 People Who Were Hilariously Defeated By Autocorrect
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'I Am Sam' is definitely one of my favorite movies.

13 Commonly Unknown Facts About Sean Penn
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Everything in moderation is a pretty solid rule to live by, but some things are harder to moderate than others.

10+ Stunning Before & After Transformations Of People Who Quit Drugs
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The mom had a strange feeling when she left the doctor's office. Then, she saw how her baby was acting and her worst fears came true.

Baby Girl Starts Acting 'Drunk' After A Routine Doctor's Visit. Mom Gets A Bad Feeling, Then Figures Out Exactly What's Going On
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In 1993, Shelly Suzanne Jennings moved with two of her daughter from Oklahoma to California. One day she dropped the girls off at school and never returned. Shelly's daughters never knew what happened to her. But now, 23 years later, everyone finally knows.

Mom Drops Kids Off At School And Never Comes Back. After 23 Years, They Have Finally Found Her — Alive
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Will seeing this disturbing footage change your mind about the movie? Let us know in the comments!

People Are Boycotting ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ After Disturbing Video Footage Was Released