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push me plz.

Glass Animals
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Will never forget this show.....thank you to the incredible crowd and everyone who made it happen....apologies for the tears after Agnes.
Leg 1 of this tour DONE. its been amazing and overwhelming (in the best way possible). a proper rollercoaster of massive mosh pits, tears, and nakedness. Everyone who came and made it happen - thank you. South America USA and Europe - you're next. Can't wait.

photo by Haley Thompson for MFN
just chillin' on some steps in a row. as you do. looking moody and/or pensive. or in eds case smirking like you've just done a small fart. shot by ian laidlaw for rolling stone.

p.s. good to be back on the road. catch you this week UK. then you south america. then you USA. then you Europe.

photo by anthony smith
What do a moonwalking dog, fried Chicken, a sling shot, Sprayonnaise™, and a Palmbrella all have in common? they are all in our new music video for Pork Soda. Watch it here: [ Link ]

P.S. There is also an accompanying bonus website where you can basically chill and watch quality TV...check it at

Glass Animals - Pork Soda Official video
Another website for you.......heh. sit back and watch some quality daytime TV with us at

to see all the other mad interactive sites for the album so far head to

here we are pulling out a man's spleen.
ass glanimals

photo by ian laidlaw for rolling stone
sometimes joe likes to look at my ear like this.

shot for notion magazine.
VERY excited to announce that we are extending our US headline tour! Red Rocks is my favourite venue in the world (so far) headlining that is sort of making my head explode. I can't wait. Also, while we're in Alabama it'll be my birthday. so that's cool too. tickets go on sale on friday (feb 10) at 10am local time at

here are all the dates!

6th June / Red Hat Amphitheater / Raleigh,...
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Thank you Australia/Asia/New Zealand. that was absolutely mega. here are some flowers for you. USA EU UK South're nextttttt.
We've done a new cover! this song has been stuck in my head since i was a tot. i remember it blaring out of the boombox in the school cafeteria as our lunch lady gladys spooned me some gruel. once i found a fake fingernail in that slop. eww. anyway - the song always had a sadness in it i wanted to try to bring out…but deep down its a bit of a dance banger here’s what we came up with!...
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Glass Animals cover Gnarls Barkley 'Crazy' for Like A Verison

There was something so pleasant about Glass Animals covering Gnarls Barkley's 'Crazy' for triple j's Like A Version. Subscribe: Like...

laneway festival, melbourne aus.

photo ian laidlaw
Pork Soda is the Hottest Record in the world tonight on BBC Radio 1!!! tune in for an interview and to hear the song with a new verse with no f-bombs! there were so many that in the end it was easier to rewrite and rerecord. otherwise the song would have been mainly bleeps. tune in at 7.30 pm UK time. big up MistaJam! [ Link ]
from our album launch party! we played live and we recorded it and it'll be out on vinyl soon! keep you posted.

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Sup. March/April USA and South American tour just went on sale........get tickets at

that means you
sau paulo
buenos aires
and santa barbara!

last few tickets for some of UK and European shows also at that link!

wicked....see you soon!

photo by jon stone
I spy four pineapples

@ rosie campbell's, surry hills, sydney. go there for some good jamaican food.

photo by brayden smith for Life Without Andy