Happy Birthday, Chord Overstreet!
Singing you a Happy Birthday today, Amber Riley!
Happy Birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you... Darren Criss!
Heather Morris, hope you birthday party is... just like a circus!
Happy Birthday to Naya Rivera!
"I mean, I've been singing 'Don't Rain On My Parade' since I was about two years old"
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That Warbler jacket would look pretty good on you.
Finish the lyrics!
We were born this way.
What's your favorite song from the Glee 3D Movie?
Happy Birthday, Lea Michele!
What was your favorite song in the movie?
May you rest in peace, Cory. Our thoughts and prayers go out to your friends, family, and your loving fans. You always brought a contagious smile to your co-stars and fans from around the world both onscreen and off. You will be forever missed and always remembered.
Having some Glee concert withdrawals? Watch the Glee 3D Movie to relive the crazy concert experience!
Which Glee member would you love to meet?
How handsome are the Warblers?
Happy Birthday, Darren Criss!
What would your t-shirt say?