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For #WorldTuberculosisDay, let's keep up the fight against Tuberculosis.

Could Tuberculosis Become a Major Public Health Threat Again?
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Global Citizen Youth Advocates meet UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson during #CSW61 to handover #LeveltheLaw and #SheWill petitions signed by over 215,000 Global Citizens. The UK Government hears you loud and clear!
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Toilet Talk: Did you know that over 2.4 billion people worldwide live without a place to poo? Without toilets, poo often ends up contaminating freshwater sources. This year, for World Water Day, join Global Citizens in urging world leaders to take action on toilet waste management here: [ Link ]. #SafeSludge #WorldWaterDay

Tell World Leaders: Provide Access to Sanitation for all
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Global Citizen proud to welcome South African Minister for the Presidency, Jeff Radebe, as an official #GlobalCitizen Ambassador on #WorldWaterDay.
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Happy #WorldWaterDay! 2.4 billion people still go without safe access to sanitation. Today in Durban, South Africa we will be calling on world leaders to address this #SafeSludge take action now: [ Link ]
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From sub-Saharan Africa to the California coast, we face a global water crisis—a fact that shouldn’t come as too much of a shock for anyone.

First Step to Solving the Global Water Crisis: Learn About It by edX on Global Citizen
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Take action for our planet to ensure the proposed US budget is not passed in Congress #SDG13

Trump Wants to Spend Literally $0 on Fighting Climate Change
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"Worldwide, a mere 16 women are heads of states and government, eight of whom are their country’s first woman in power....In other words, the statistics do not reflect a world in which women account for about half of the entire population."

Number of Female Leaders Around the World Remains Stagnant, UN Finds
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"More than 35,000 Global Citizens have taken action so far to secure this victory. Led by “This is Rubbish,” the campaign calls on the EU to set legally binding targets to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030, from farm-to-fork"

EU Parliament Backs Campaign to Halve Food Waste, With More Support Than Expected
Yesterday, the Netherlands went to the ballot box in the first of three huge elections this year that could decide the fate of nationalism in Europe. Centre-right incumbent Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, was only marginally leading the polls ahead of far-right Party for Freedom (PVV), led by anti-Islam populist Geert Wilders. But as 80.2% turned out to vote, Rutte came out on top with 33...
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The Far-Right Was Easily Beaten in Dutch Election as PM Rutte Wins Most Seats
Global Citizen spoke at the UN in support of Amal Clooney and Nadia Murad. Read about it here and take action by signing the petiton.

Global Citizen Supports Amal Clooney's Push for the UN to Try ISIS for Yazidi Genocide War Crimes
"The individuals most likely to be affected would be those who currently rely on Medicaid or tax breaks for coverage and could not afford to buy private insurance. That is to say, it would impact the poor and vulnerable most dramatically."

24 Million People Could Lose Insurance Under GOP Healthcare Plan
Being a global citizen means impacting your local community as well! Learn more about our Refugees Welcome Dinner:

Global Citizen Hosted a Refugees Welcome Dinner, and So Should You
Who are keeping their promises to women and girls? See our latest accountability report here. #SDG5

Taking Action for Women & Girls: Global Citizen's $600 Million Campaign
Some inspiration to start your week off right! Get motivated to be a #globalcitizen in your community like Irmela Mensah-Schramm, the leaders of Who is Hussain?, and many more.

Here Are 6 People Who Are Global Citizens in Every Way
Monday March 13th is Commonwealth Day. The Commonwealth family of 52 nations can deliver the Global Goals, especially when it focuses its energy on promoting issues integral to sustainable development: gender equality and disease eradication. Global Citizens and Chime for Change thank you Baroness Anelay and UK @foreignoffice for your support. To learn more about how the Commonwealth can and...
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"Life in a Native American reservation is among the most hopeless I have ever witnessed as a reporter...By pausing to consider the magnitude of their task, by hearing their stories as they fight every item on the by-products of poverty list, we can help them redeem the dignity they so crave for their people." — Mariane Pearl, Journalist & Author, Managing Editor, Chime for Change

Native Girls Rise
"Women in indigenous communities face discrimination on multiple fronts: their class, their gender, their ethnicity, and their culture."

Fighting for Their Lives, Indigenous People Rise Up Around the World
“To be a woman is hard. We are plundered as Mother Earth is plundered, demeaned and destroyed by the ambition of humankind. Yet even with those obstacles we are strength, we are firmness, we are struggle.”

These Indigenous Women Are Leading the Fight to Save the Planet