Immigrants and refugees teach our children in school. They treat us in hospitals. They keep our streets safe. #ThisIsAmerica

This Is America: Celebrating Faces of Immigrants & Refugees
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Sign the petition urging the Commonwealth to #levelthelaw and #endpolio for good!

Commonwealth Leaders: Do Your Part to Achieve the Global Goals
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“As long as a single child remains infected with poliovirus, children in all countries are at risk of contracting the disease.”

Japan Gives $33.3 Million to End Polio For Good
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Shortly after being sworn in, President Trump signed an Executive Order reinstating the Mexico City Policy. This “Global Gag Rule” will force clinics in developing countries to cut staff and even close, leaving millions of women without basic healthcare. Sign the petition to stand up for women’s health! #SheDecides [ Link ]

Tell World Leaders to Support She Decides to Protect the Health of Girls and Women Everywhere
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“It’s amazing what a contraceptive can do. When a woman has the power to decide when to get pregnant, she has power over her future.”

This Clever Video Shows How the Pill Can Break the Cycle of Poverty
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"I hope to harness our love to extend love in the form of education, a lifelong gift that has lasting effects far beyond Feb. 14."

Davinia Is Getting Married, and Wants to Send Hundreds of Girls to School With Wedding “Charistry”
"Sometimes I think my heart expands a little more to create space for one more of your stories, and I know it will always have room to expand." - Jeldah, doctor, Kenya

Humanitarians Pen Love Letters to Refugees From the Frontlines for Valentine's Day
"I really saw everything...lost moms, lost babies. I saw the severe consequences of malaria on pregnant mothers."

Meet Global Citizen Aerlyn Pfeil, Who Helps Give Babies Life All Around the World
Disease epidemics "respect no borders and don’t care if we are rich or poor. Protecting the vulnerable is protecting ourselves." - Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg

The World Now Has an Insurance Policy Against Epidemics
Today President Trump meets with Prime Minister Abe. We hope they will speak on other issues besides those that solely benefit their own country, to help heal the world.

Trade Ideas to Better the World, Not Just Your Country
“I think this is an amazing way, and opportunity actually to get girls to be more confident about themselves, to push their limits about what is possible.”

Skateboarding Women in India Challenge Gender Norms in This Must-Watch Video
"Today is a betrayal of these vulnerable children and a betrayal of British values."

The UK Just Scrapped Its Promise to Take In Unaccompanied Child Refugees
According to the U.N., around 21 percent of girls in Pakistan are married before the age of 18.

Pakistan Cracks Down on Child Marriage, Passes Stricter Penalties
"We can all continue to live on his legacy — of cherishing and sharing the amazing progress the world is making, of fighting for data and evidence to be at the core of our policy-making, and of seeing the potential of everyone, everywhere."

Global Citizen Remembers Friend and Partner Vale Hans Rosling
Nearly 100 major American companies — including Apple, Twitter, Airbnb, Netflix, Uber, and Chobani — are joining the fight against Donald Trump’s travel ban.

These Companies Are Joining the Legal Fight Against Trump’s Travel Ban
Around the world, 200 million women and girls are affected by FGM. #EndFGM

A New FGM Case Is Reported in the UK Every Single Hour, Says New Study