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“You or the ministry has never apologized to me or my ex-husband for my son’s death.” [ Link ]

Mother of boy who died in government care confronts minister for apology
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You've heard that you need drink eight glasses of water a day, right? Well actually... [ Link ]

How much water do you really need to drink in a day?
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"Two of the kids came up and sandwiched him on the ice and started slashing his arm with their hockey sticks." An Edmonton family is speaking out after their 13-year-old son's arm was broken - in two places, at the end of a bantam hockey game. [ Link ]

Edmonton Family blames alleged slashing incident for breaking two bones in young hockey player's arm
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What accompanies a tragic news event? Fake news. And lots of it. [ Link ]

As always, fake news festered in the aftermath of the London attack
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Many Canadians will be spending an hour with the lights out tonight as they join people around the world in marking the tenth annual Earth Hour.
[ Link ]

Earth Hour is 10 years old
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Witnesses said on social media that the burglars wore pig masks and appeared armed.
[ Link ]

Police investigating Bellagio casino burglary in Las Vegas
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The Liberal government is pouring millions of dollars into robotic technology. Here's what it means for the workforce: [ Link ]

WATCH THE VIDEO: Will artificial intelligence replace human labour?
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A man born with a rare disorder that limits his joint movement has a motto that allows him to overcome his disability — and he's encouraging others to live by it, too. [ Link ]

WATCH VIDEO: No excuses or limits for Everyday Hero born with neuromuscular disorder
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Caught on camera: Massive fireballs and plumes of smoke are seen rising above eastern Ukraine after an explosion. [ Link ]

Explosion at Ukraine ammunition depot forces evacuation of 20,000 people
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Warkentin said indigenous people living in poverty in his riding would be outraged to learn Indigenous Affairs needed to spend thousands on a TV for bureaucrats. [ Link ]

Feds blowing tens of thousands of dollars on TVs: Conservative MP
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Alberta Ballet's Alice in Wonderland opens Friday night at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. Margeaux Morin talks to two of the youngest members of the production.
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Canadian travellers who ended up at a Cuba hotel that had little or no water for 12 days can file complaints with Ontario's travel industry watchdog or sue in small claims court, according to the organization that regulates the province's travel companies. [ Link ]

Ontario regulator says travellers to Cuban resort without water have legal rights
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A Montreal teen was stabbed, beaten to death after she called police to say she was terrified of her ex-boyfriend. [ Link ]

Could Montreal-area police have done more to prevent death of Daphné Huard-Boudreault?
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In this week's editorial, Bob Layton weighs in on the expansion of Fort Saskatchewan's Highway 15 bridge and the removal of at-grade rail crossings at 50 Street announced in the provincial budget.
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Here are the top stories from tonight's edition of Global News Hour at 6 with Gord Steinke.

MORE NEWS: [ Link ]
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With spring upon us, it's the perfect time to start thinking about that big renovation or landscaping project. If you're looking to change up your bathroom, Margeaux Morin has just the guy you're looking for.