Sometimes it just needs a little eye-contact... beautiful project to #breakdownwalls!
The World Economic Forum is going on in Davos at this moment! By now a lot of surprising and strong statements were given. Yusra Mardini is definitely one of these inspiring people that contribute to this atmosphere...
"Social entrepreneurs build the world we want to live in..." Nicely put!

Social entrepreneurs are building the society we want to live in
Do what you can and where you can! And do it now! Very inspiring video with Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama!
Good to know! Good to read!
The Huffington Post

8 Millennial Entrepreneurs To Know In 2017
Congratulations to our alumni of 2016 Tsechu Dolma!

"A native Tibetan, Dolma founded the Mountain Resiliency Project to address the poverty and food insecurity prevalent in mountain communities. They are working to create stronger communities from within to combat the already apparent impacts of climate change."

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Need some inspiration for the new year? Here you go...

Need a Business Idea? Here are 55
Last thing we would like to share from this year are some pictures from our last #GESS strategy meeting. The teams from #Munich, #Shanghai and #MexicoCity sat together to make #GESS2017 even better and bigger! We are looking forward to the next edition and wish you all a happy new year - stay tuned!
When wrapping up the year of #GESS2016 you cannot leave out our finals! They are always the highlight of each #GESS at the end of an intense and exciting week. Here is the wrap-up of the finals in Munich...
Second thing we would like to share with you from this very exciting year: For the first time #GESS took place in three different locations! While attending #GESS2016 the students sent greetings to the other locations - this is the video from the participants in #Shanghai! Enjoy!
We are looking back to a very exciting year! Therefore we would like to share some of our biggest highlights with you! One of them was definitely our #GESSMOOC with over 12.000 subscribers! For every #GESS location a problem case video was shot by Eyetrip. Here comes the one dealing with the challenges of #migration in #Mexico. Watch and enjoy! The #MOOC is still available on openSAP.
We are very proud of our #GESS spin-off team binee​! The alumni of #GESS2014 are working on a #wasteless future!

binee: new business models for e-waste – Wasteless Future
Still looking for a christmas present? Here are some suggestions...

Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts That Give Back | The Changer
Happy Monday! Why not start the day with a very insightful interview on Shanghai - one of our three #GESS locations...

Tales of Old Shanghai - Interview with Katya Knyazeva | Intrepid Times
Don't know what to watch over the weekend? Here are some suggestions...

7 TED Talks you should watch if you want to be an entrepreneur
Very beautiful video! Turn on your sound and enjoy!
There is still a lot to do on this planet! Around 46 million people are still living in modern slavery! Check out the findings of the index...

Index - Global Slavery Index 2016