//Facts about #GESS2017
Clock is ticking! Application of #GESS2017 will open on Monday at 12 pm CET! We are looking forward to all your applications.
Very good TedTalk about #foodwaste - one of the aspects of the topic of #GESS2017.
Remember - the application phase will start on Monday! So if you want to solve the challenges of #foodwaste #zerohunger or #malnutrition - then we are looking forward to your application!

The global food waste scandal

We're super excited - the topic of #GESS2017 is ... *FOOD*!
Join this year's GESS and develop entrepreneurial solutions concerning #zerohunger #foodwaste #undernutrition #malnutrition #obesity #foodsecurity #sustainableproduction #scarcityofresources #geneticallymodifiedfood or #sustainability! It needs YOU together with other like-minded students from all over the world to tackle one of the...
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Here comes fact no. 4 about #GESS: The application phase will start on February, 20th. Put it in your calendar! Spread the word! We are looking forward to all your applications!
And now - stay tuned to find out about this year's topic...!
Here comes our next innovation for #GESS: Scholarships will now be available for all participants - once you are at our location we cover full board, lodging and transport costs during the 7 days.
Your only investment is to organize your flight tickets!
We told you that #GESS2017 will be even better! - Stay tuned for more facts!
Great project! And a great solution to fight air pollution! - We love vertical gardening!
There is beauty in every corner of this world! #HappyWeekend with National Geographic

These photos won a National Geographic contest, and they're breathtaking.

Here comes our second innovation in terms of #GESS: Our unique summer school will take place in three locations all over the #globe at different dates - choose which location and date you prefer and apply for either #Shanghai, #MexicoCity or #Munich!
Stay tuned for more facts about #GESS2017 - and of course our new topic!
As we promised, this year's #GESS will be even better! In the following days we will present you the most important changes that we have made with our partners from Tecnológico de Monterrey and Tongji-Universität. In a few days we will also let you know about our topic of #GESS2017. Stay tuned!
Here comes the first fact: The age range for appplicants is now from 18 to 35!
It's #CYN - what? It's #ChineseNewYear - the most important holidays in China and also for our partners in Shanghai. We are looking forward to #GESS2017 with you!
Sometimes it just needs a little eye-contact... beautiful project to #breakdownwalls!
The World Economic Forum is going on in Davos at this moment! By now a lot of surprising and strong statements were given. Yusra Mardini is definitely one of these inspiring people that contribute to this atmosphere...
"Social entrepreneurs build the world we want to live in..." Nicely put!

Social entrepreneurs are building the society we want to live in

Do what you can and where you can! And do it now! Very inspiring video with Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama!
Good to know! Good to read!
The Huffington Post

8 Millennial Entrepreneurs To Know In 2017

Congratulations to our alumni of 2016 Tsechu Dolma!

"A native Tibetan, Dolma founded the Mountain Resiliency Project to address the poverty and food insecurity prevalent in mountain communities. They are working to create stronger communities from within to combat the already apparent impacts of climate change."

[ Forbes.com Link ]
Need some inspiration for the new year? Here you go...

Need a Business Idea? Here are 55

Last thing we would like to share from this year are some pictures from our last #GESS strategy meeting. The teams from #Munich, #Shanghai and #MexicoCity sat together to make #GESS2017 even better and bigger! We are looking forward to the next edition and wish you all a happy new year - stay tuned!
When wrapping up the year of #GESS2016 you cannot leave out our finals! They are always the highlight of each #GESS at the end of an intense and exciting week. Here is the wrap-up of the finals in Munich...