You don‘t need to travel around the globe to meet people from different countries, taste international dishes and learn about different traditions and languages! Just apply for #GESS2017 in #Munich #MexicoCity or #Shanghai and get this awesome experience:
Greetings from #Berlin! The winning team of #GESS2016 #Munich just reunited! Thanks to Goethe-Institut for this great prize! #competingnarratives Sara Del Cid Toaspern Anna Roscan Brian Wong Farooq Ahmad Ghumman Janine Schnabel
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5 Weekend Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs
"GESS is a reminder that the future is in our hands!" Joaquín Santuber (Participant of #GESS2016)
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#foodwaste? What a great solution! #GESS2017 #food #socent
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//Stay tuned! Our winning team from #GESS2016 in #Munich is traveling to Berlin right now to present their project "miHealth" - the app aims at tackling health problems of refugees in Europe. We are looking forward to meeting you there!
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Check out this amazing video about life in #MexicoCity!
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Instituto de Emprendimiento Eugenio Garza Lagüera
Tecnológico de Monterrey

24 hours in Mexico City

Mexico City premiered this short video -- featuring images from the city during a 24-hour period -- at the Mexican pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010. The video ...

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LMU Entrepreneurship Center SCE CeTIM - Center for Technology & Innovation Management Social Entrepreneurship Akademie
The topic #food has so many aspects. #Obesity is a big global challenge as well. #GESS2017 #goodread

Obesity is the ‘HIV of our age’: Warning over condition linked to FIFTEEN cancers
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Our alumni Mateeka Innocent about #GESS : "A mind stretched by an idea can never regain its original form. #GESS2016 introduced me to a number of best practices in entrepreneurship that my mindset and work ethic have greatly improved..."
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A great example of how to turn #foodwaste into a business model. Want to learn this as well? Then apply for #GESS2017: #food

Young Entrepreneurs Turn Food Waste Into Business Model
During the #GESS you will receive constantly support and guidance from different experts in entrepreneurship.
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Our alumni from #GESS2016 – Lucky Magnanini shared her experience with the students participating on the 6th International Public Health Symposium in #Munich and invited them to apply for #GESS2017! The topic of one of the sessions was #ZEROHUNGER - impact of climate change on food security and nutrition in Ethiopia. Thank you Lucky! Keep spreading the word!
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Wednesday was #InternationalWomansDay: "Giving women the same tools and resources as men, such as financial support, education and access to markets, could reduce the number of hungry people worldwide by up to 150 million."
#GESS2017 #Food #Zerohunger #BeBoldForChange

Equality for Women Helps Reduce World Hunger