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There is still a lot to do on this planet! Around 46 million people are still living in modern slavery! Check out the findings of the index...

Index - Global Slavery Index 2016

What is actually the most entrepreneurial country? The answer will be a surprise...

The United States, home to Silicon Valley, is the most entrepreneurial country, right?

Do you know what a human library is? It is definitely a good way to crash stereotypes... NowThis The Huffington Post
There is a team that plays a final every day! That never gives up! Great initiative by Proactiva Open Arms #refugeeswelcome #migration Pep Guardiola


Colabora para que podamos estar en Lesbos. www.proactivaopenarms.org

GESS who is making positive social change?
This year's winner of the #GESS are on THE CHANGER. Together with Brian Wong, Anna Roscan, Sara Del Cid Toaspern, Farooq Ahmad Ghumman, Anukriti Jain, Anja Schoch, Asish Thakur, Azmi Nawayseh, Juan Carlos González, Diliana Beeva, Franzi Heyde, Chloe Kassis-Crowe, Gabie Tanjutco, Mateeka Innocent, Kenza Touhs, Carlos Alberto Montoya, Lamya Sami, Liezl...
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GESS Who's Making Positive Social Change? | The Changer

It starts with YOU! Five practical steps to use less plastic in your daily life... #lifewithoutplastic #parleyair Parley for the Oceans

5 Ways to Use Less Useless Plastic

Female entrepreneurs - watch out!
LAST CHANCE to apply for the 6-week-programme F LANE of the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications together with the Impact Hub Berlin and Social Entrepreneurship Akademie.
Deadline is tomorrow, so apply TODAY:
Where will we obtain our energy from in the future? And how sustainable will it be? #climatechange #greenenergy #sustainability

Where will our energy come from in 2030, and how green will it be?

Do you think about founding a startup in a developing country? Here is some advice...

3 Lessons Learned Launching My Startup in a Developing Nation

The cold season begins! What a lovely reminder that there is still a lot of good in this world...
Beautiful video of #Shanghai! One of our three #GESS locations. Watch and enjoy!

Wander Through the Charming Neighborhoods of Historic Shanghai

On her journey from Syria to Germany, Nujeen travelled over 5600 kilometres, all in a wheelchair. Chapeau! See how this journey went...

This Girl Escaped From a Syrian War Zone in a Wheelchair

Last chance to watch for free Before the Flood this weekend! Thanks to National Geographic and Leonardo DiCaprio for this movie about a topic that we easily forget about in our daily lives but is still more than important...

Before the Flood - Full Movie | National Geographic

There are big garbage patches floating in our oceans! Now you can have shoes made out of it...Great initiave by adidas Originals and Parley for the Oceans!
We love #verticalgardening! Great project in #MexicoCity! #urbangardening #greencity #greenenvironment #breatheagain
Yes, we agree! There is a lot to learn from Canada... #migration #GESS2016 #newcomers

What can other Western countries learn from Canada?