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From chic to confusing, all the looks from the Oscars red carpet. [ Link ]

Oscars 2017: The best and worst of the red carpet
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If Neilson Rizzuto makes bond, he will be placed under house arrest, forced to wear an ankle monitor and prohibited from driving. [ Link ]

Mardi Gras parade crash suspect had alcohol level 3 times the legal limit
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A spokeswoman for President Donald J. Trump says he'd rather be "focused on what he can to do to help better America." [ Link ]

Trump wasn’t elected to hang out with journalists and celebs: White House aide
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Springtime in usually brings a spike in violence as the Taliban takes advantage of the thaw to launch a wave of fresh attacks. But the Taliban’s leader has just issued a statement calling on Afghans to plant more trees. [ Link ]

Taliban leader urges Afghan fighters and civilians to plant more trees
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Follow along tonight as the #Oscars are awarded — we'll be updating the winners as the ceremony goes on. [ Link ]

Oscars 2016 winners list: 'La La Land' expected to dominate Academy Awards
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Judge Joseph Wapner has passed away at the age of 97. Wapner was the original host of the courtroom series "The People's Court."
MORE: [ Link ]
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Nichole Clifford, 31, was a mother of two young children and worked in social services, said neighbours who are shocked by the news she was found dead in Wainwright, Alta. last week. [ Link ]

Wainwright suspicious death victim was Nichole Clifford, a 31-year-old mother of 2
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“We have been running from fighting for a long time. We settled in the island because its much better there. But we can’t leave to go buy food. We eat the weed floating on the river, sometime we get fish.” [ Link ]

Ravaged by war and famine, South Sudanese hide in swampland and eat weeds to survive
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English bulldog owners and their beloved canines gathered on the streets of Mexico City on Sunday in hope of setting the record for the largest bulldog walk.

MORE DOGS: [ Link ]
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One doctor says it can be difficult for physicians to tease out those who want the drug just to get high. [ Link ]

Number of medical marijuana users soars across Canada, now almost 130K
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International regulations, online ordering and the potency of the drug are among the factors making it difficult to prevent the drug from slipping through Canada's borders. [ Link ]

New drug smuggling schemes challenge police
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It's a boy! It's a girl!
And pregnant women carrying a baby of one of the two sexes have more severe reactions to viruses, infections, and chronic illnesses including allergies and asthma. [ Link ]

How your unborn baby’s sex could impact your health
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Ontario MP Charlie Angus officially entered the NDP leadership race Sunday [ Link ]

Charlie Angus enters NDP leadership race
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Sunrise Records has negotiated new leases with mall landlords across the country. [ Link ]

HMV locations to be filled with Sunrise Records
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UPDATED: Icy conditions appear to be the cause of the 35-car pileup on the 401 early Sunday morning. [ Link ]

Icy conditions to blame for 35-car pileup on 401
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Judge Wapner was hospitalized a week ago with breathing problems and had been under home hospice care. [ Link ]

Judge Joseph Wapner of the 'People's Court' dead at age 97
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Should award shows be a platform for political speech? [ Link ]

How political will the 2017 Oscars be?
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Over the weekend crews replaced the final two of 46 deck segments on the Macdonald Bridge - a process that began back in Fall 2015. [ Link ]

'Big Lift' Macdonald bridge project reaches milestone over the weekend
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The elderly couple was struck by a car while on vacation. He, a Canadian war veteran, died at the scene. She suffered critical injuries. Both had $500K in insurance...but that still wasn't enough. [ Link ]

B.C. woman injured in California warns of need for proper travel insurance