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Why it’s Easier to Create an Extremist Group in Iraq than a Moderate One

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Incoming attorney general Jeff Sessions admitted that he still opposed same-sex marriage and Roe v Wade, a 1973 law that guarantees a women’s right to an abortion.

Mr Sessions said he would "respect and follow" both laws in their current form, but admitted he still held his controversial personal views.

Jeff Sessions says he still opposes same-sex marriage and Roe v Wade

#Religion vs. #Science
Every year on the third Monday of January, Americans of all races, backgrounds and ideologies celebrate the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He is rightly lionized and sanctified by whites as well as blacks, by Republicans as well as Democrats.

“History is cluttered with the wreckage of nations and individuals that pursued this self-defeating path of hate.” To honor Dr. King is to follow a...
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Which Martin Luther King Are We Celebrating Today?

“#DontNormalizeHate,” a nearly three-minute public service announcement produced by singer Katy Perry, draws parallels between the incarceration of 120,000 Japanese Americans during World War II and the anti-Muslim rhetoric of not only President-elect Donald Trump, but also of his advisers and picks for Cabinet members.

Check it out in the link below. What do you think of her message?

Katy Perry’s chilling PSA against creating a database of Muslims in the country

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called talks aimed at reviving the Israeli-Palestinian peace process scheduled to take place in Paris later this week “rigged” against Israel.

Mr Netanyahu said the conference would be rigged by the Palestinians and the French in such a way to “push peace backwards”.

Your thoughts?

Netanyahu calls peace process ‘rigged’, refuses to take part in planned Paris talks

A video of a pop song that highlights the oppression of women in Saudi Arabia has amassed millions of views on social media.

What do you think of it?

Saudi Arabian video on women's rights goes viral - BBC News

Will apologists still use Indonesia as a role model?????

As Shariah Experiment Becomes a Model, Indonesia’s Secular Face Slips

Do you agree?
Japan says more than 300 whales, including 200 pregnant females, were killed in the Southern Ocean.

Japanese poachers caught 'slaughtering whale' in Australia's Antarctic sanctuary say activists

The persecution of Christians in India has risen over the past year, pushing it up a league table of countries where the practice of the faith is a high-risk activity, according to a monitoring organisation.

Christians in India increasingly under attack, study shows

A Saudi Arabian Army defector leaves Islam!
When it comes to basic policy questions such as the minimum wage, introductory economics can be more misleading than it is helpful.

Your thoughts?

The Curse of Econ 101

The suspects are believed to support a group that planned attacks on refugee centers and mosques

German police investigating ‘neo-Nazi terror plot’ after swastika bomb found

"Can anyone in the medical profession talk about pain with any authority?

There seemed to be a chasm of understanding in human discussions of pain. I wanted to find out how the medical profession apprehends pain—the language it uses for something that’s invisible to the naked eye, that can’t be measured except by asking for the sufferer’s subjective description, and that can be treated only...
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We’re terrible at measuring other people’s pain—but researchers think there is a better way to treat it