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The second floor of St. Mary’s used to be a communal area, where events for children were held. Today, it’s home for two Iraqi families.

This Palestinian priest found his calling at a little church in Jordan
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The Oceti Sakowin camp has been cleared, after almost a year of protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Activists vow to carry on as the Standing Rock camp is cleared
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Big city, bright lights, stickier feet? Scientists say a little lizard in Puerto Rico is fast adapting to urban living.

A little lizard in Puerto Rico is adapting quickly to big-city life
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If you are poor in Britain and married to a foreign spouse, you may not be able to live with them.

If you're poor and British, best not to marry a foreigner
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Pastor Gottfried Martens has long worked with migrants in Berlin, but they used to be from the former Soviet Union. That changed in 2008, when two Iranians went to Martens’ church.

This evangelical church in Berlin is helping Iranians looking for asylum
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Jim Estill insists Ahmed and Roluh always speak English. When he sees Syrians self-segregating at the factory cafeteria, he pushes them to sit with Canadians. And Estill doesn't like smoking. Ahmed had to quit.

Meet the millionaire teaching Syrian refugees how to be Canadian, his way
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Charles Kuck, an Atlanta-based immigration lawyer and former president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, says "this is about scaring people."

Immigration lawyers: Trump crackdown tactics will see fierce legal challenges
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"When the war started, during the fight, half of the animals were gone. They either got sick and died, or some of them ate the others because of starvation," said Abu Omar, the owner of the small zoo.

Trying to rescue Simba, the lion, and Lula, the bear, at Mosul zoo
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#ByeByeBaoBao: Beloved Bao Bao the giant panda left her home at DC’s National Zoo today — headed for a new home in China.
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The refugee journey was dangerous in the 17th century: some accounts from the time are eerily reminiscent of modern refugees' attempts to enter Europe. A newsletter in 1681 described boats arriving "with few men in them, they sending their wives and children away first, and most of these have run great hazards at sea."

The word 'refugee' has a surprising origin
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The National Endowment for the Arts has long been a target for fiscal conservative groups. Some say the program is "wasteful spending." But its budget is a drop in the bucket compared the $4 trillion the US spends on other programs. So why eliminate it?

#30. @realDonaldTrump, how would eliminating the NEA balance the federal budget? #100Days100Qs
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Shamila Chaudhary, who served on the National Security Council under President Obama, believes that Trump should have considered a woman for the job.

An Obama-era national security adviser argues for diversity as Trump appoints McMaster
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“It was very clear that people like me are no longer welcome to visit the United States,” says Mohamed Hassan, head of TWAS, the academy of sciences for the developing world, which works to advance science in developing countries.

Scientists skip international meeting due to fear of US travel
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If Moreno wins he will be the first wheelchair-user to become president in Ecuador, and one of few world leaders ever to do so.

Leftist Lenin Moreno hopes to avoid runoff in tense Ecuador vote
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"We got our visas [Friday], but we're not yet sure if we'll be able to travel or not," Raed Saleh, leader of the rescue group, told AFP by phone on Saturday. "We don't want to have problems at the borders or the airport," he said.

Syria's White Helmets are headed to the Oscars
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A whole generation of Europeans has grown up moving easily from country to country for fun, work and study. They don't even need their passport to do it.

Europe's Schengen Agreement allows free movement among 26 countries. Will it last?
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"The main tragedy of the report that has been launched today ... is that the problem is man-made," said Eugene Owusu, the United Nation's humanitarian coordinator for South Sudan.

South Sudan declares famine; aid groups lament 'man-made' tragedy
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We know that when women are included in policing, given a seat at peace negotiations and allowed to make and influence policy, the world is a safer place. President Trump, will you take these facts into account? Across Women's Lives #PresidentsDay

#29. @realDonaldTrump How will you continue to increase the presence of women in national security efforts? #100Days100Qs
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"I actually take some solace in the fact that he's an avid fly fisherman, which means he spends a lot of time outdoors. He understands the habitats that are necessary to produce high-quality trout habitat, so that's a good sign."

How might a Justice Gorsuch rule on environmental cases before the Supreme Court?