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Congratulations GIGA CHIKADZE on yet another impressive liver kick KO last night at #GLORY37

Kickboxer Convulses in Pain on Canvas Floor After Receiving Brutal Liver Kick
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Watch #GLORY37 Los Angeles TONIGHT on #ESPN3 at 1am ET / 10pm PT: [ Link ]
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We're just hours away from a massive night of #Kickboxing in downtown #LosAngeles - get warmed up for #GLORY37 with episode 6 of the GLORY Kickboxing podcast.

The GLORY Kickboxing Podcast - Episode 6
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TONIGHT is fight night in #LosAngeles! Watch as all of the #GLORY37 fighters get geared up for the big show at The Novo DTLA with "Inside GLORY 37, episode 3."
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Two of the most exciting American fighters on the GLORY roster go toe-to-toe tonight at #GLORY37 on the SuperFight Series - hear what they had to say ahead of the show.

Watch this fight on UFC Fight Pass tonight at 10:30pm ET / 7:30pm PT: [ Link ]
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Jason "Psycho" Wilnis shocked the world and took the middleweight belt at GLORY 33, and TONIGHT at #GLORY37 Los Angeles he's ready to defend that belt. Who's on team Wilnis?

Watch on ESPN3 at [ Link ]
Watch internationally on EverSport at [ Link ]
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Israel Adesanya is staring down the barrel of the biggest opportunity of his life, with the middleweight world championship belt at the other end of five rounds. Who's on team Adesanya tonight at #GLORY37 Los Angeles? [ Link ]
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This is "Inside #GLORY37, episode 2," giving you another behind the scenes look at the GLORY Kickboxing fighters getting ready for fight night. Which matchup is your must watch fight of the night?
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One of the featured fights on the #GLORY37 SuperFight Series tomorrow night is a matchup a long time in the making: Zoila Frausto versus Daniela Graf on UFC Fight Pass. Who you got?
[ Link ]
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The #GLORY37 weighs ins took place this afternoon in downtown #LosAngeles, and most fighters made weight. Unfortunately, Robin van Roosmalen missed weight and was forced to vacate the title. If Matt "Matics" Embree wins, he will become champion. If Robin wins, he will be the #1 contender in the featherweight division.
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Join the GLORY women's super bantamweight champ Tiffany TimeBomb Van Soest for a night of #KICKBOXING tomorrow night at #GLORY37 Los Angeles, buy your tickets at
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We’re LIVE with Matt ‘Matics’ Embree ahead of #GLORY37 this Friday. Ask your questions
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Get your questions ready for Canadian featherweight phenom Matt "Matics" Embree and join us at 9pm ET / 6pm PT for an exclusive live streamed Q&A with the title challenger ahead of #GLORY37 this Friday night.
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Go behind the scenes during fight week with the #GLORY37 athletes ahead of Friday night’s show at The Novo DTLA - this is “Inside GLORY 37, episode 1"
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TODAY, make sure you're tuned into the Joe Rogan Experience to catch our very own Joseph "Bazooka Joe" Valtellini talking all things #Kickboxing and #GLORY37 ahead of this Friday's fights! Get your tickets to the show at The Novo DTLA from
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Who thinks Robin van Roosmalen retains the GLORY featherweight strap this Friday? Watch the #GLORY37 SuperFight Series at 10:30pm ET / 7:30pm PT on UFC Fight Pass: [ Link ]
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It's officially #GLORY37 FIGHT WEEK! Preview the action happening this Friday night in #LosAngeles with "The GLORY Kickboxing Podcast, ep. 5," and subsribe to the podcast on iTunes at [ Link ]
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Can't make it to the arena live this Friday? We have you covered. The #GLORY37 SuperFight Series begins at 10:30pm ET / 7:30pm PT on #UFCFightPass, followed by GLORY 37 Los Angeles at 1am ET / 10pm PT on ESPN3!
You can WIN a pair of gloves signed by Jason Wilnis, Robin van Roosmalen, Israel Adesanya and Matt "Matics" Embree! Like this post from our friends at The University of MMA, share it, and buy a ticket to #GLORY37 next week - winners will randomly selected:
It's hard to believe #GLORYCollision was already a month ago - but we're back in action with TWO world titles on the line at #GLORY37 Los Angeles, next Friday at The Novo DTLA: