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Tell Starbucks you want only organic milk!
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Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D | Los Angeles County) issued the following statement regarding reports that unsealed court documents raise new questions about the safety of Monsanto weed killer Roundup and its chief ingredient glyphosate. [ Link ]

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A lawsuit contends that the main ingredient in Roundup, the world’s most widely used weed killer, can cause cancer.

GMO Inside | Monsanto Weed Killer Roundup Faces New Doubts on Safety in Unsealed Documents (The New York Times)
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Monsanto is fighting suits claiming it hid Roundup health risk
‘I should get a medal,’ regulator allegedly bragged to company. [ Link ]
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Ever wonder why the tomatoes you buy at the grocery store just don’t measure up to the more unique-looking ones you find at the farmer’s market? [ Link ]

GMO Inside | The Secret to Scrumptious Tomatoes? It Doesn’t Take a Scientist.
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Genetically engineered potatoes could claim acreage in Canada in 2017�. [ Link ]

Genetically engineered potatoes could claim acres in 2017
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Bees now on the endangered species list. [ Link ] Share if you want to protect the bees! [ Link ]
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Nature is priceless! Join us:
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[ Link ] Glyphosate Residue Free certification for U.S. food products has been launched on Tuesday by The Detox Project, in a move that gives consumers a way of avoiding the ‘probably carcinogenic’ chemical. Glyphosate is the most used pesticide in the World and ha...

Glyphosate Residue Free Certification Creates New Transparency Shift for US Consumers
Nominate your favorite GREEN GARDENING business to win a Spring 2017 People & Planet Award, worth $5,000 to further their green mission.

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Roundup-ready sugar beets were created to sell more chemicals, not feed the the world! Subscribe here: [ Link ]
ICYMI: Starbucks is going organic for their soup choices BUT not for their milk. Raise your voices here: [ Link ] Then take action: [ Link ]
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Tell Land O'Lakes you're not buying into their Monsanto butter on their Facebook page: [ Link ].
FACT: 86% of corn is now genetically engineered. GMOs were not created to feed the world, they were created to sell more chemicals! Subscribe to GMO Inside here: [ Link ]
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Who wants some GMO cookies and milk? Tell Oreo you don't want to eat GMOs: [ Link ]
U.S. Congressman Ted Lieu issued a strongly worded statement this week regarding reports that unsealed court documents raise new questions about the safety of Monsanto weed killer Roundup and its chief ingredient glyphosate. [ Link ]

US Congressman Calls for DOJ Investigation into EPA-Monsanto Glyphosate Collusion - Sustainable Pulse
Monsanto Co. was accused in court documents of ghostwriting scientific literature that led a U.S. regulator to conclude a key chemical in its Roundup weed killer shouldn’t be classified as carcinogenic. [ Link ]