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02/20/2017 at 15:51. Facebook
'Heart disease can be as rare as malaria today if we put it into practise'.
Join us..
Janardan Nepal playing with a young cow
A very relavent talk for all involved with Go Dharmic tomorrow in Leicester
Today, 35,000 children die of starvation, and tomorrow another 35,000, and under those conditions, how happy can you be? How are you going to be happy? Are you gonna be happy by averting your gaze, by saying, “Let’s not talk about that, can’t you leave me alone for a while about that?…. I want to be happy.”

Coming to Terms with Suffering and Injustice - Ram Dass

This piece of land in Guna, Madhya Pradesh frequently used by passing cows as a place to rest, eat and get some water. Deependra Bhadouria and the team in India want to make it much nicer for them over the coming months.
Go Dharmic cleaning an area for cows to rest and drink water in Guna, Madhya Pradesh
Tarun Dhabalia feeding and serving children at the site of the library we are developing.
The true signs of Sanatana Dharma are love and compassion.
Hanuman Dass
2016 has been a big year for our charity. Please bless us so that together we can serve as a force for good in the world.

Love to all!

Happy New Year!
Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas - The Go Dharmic team
Great team effort by all involved tonight distributing gift bags to London homeless.
Preparing our giftbags for the homeless.
Thank you to Rahul and the team at Futura Business Growth Partners for their kind donation of warm thermal socks for our gift-bags for the homeless tonight.
We received lots of donations for our food distribution for the homeless tonight. Many thanks to everyone who gave..