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An abnormally slow heart rate caused Sacha to go into cardiac arrest when she was just a month-old baby. Her dad then saved her life with CPR.

Read her story. <3

Daddy's Girl Born With Heart Disease | Real Women

Go Red For Women
12/02/2016 at 15:19. Facebook
30 minutes a day is all it takes. What’s your motivation? #GoRedGetFit with us!
Go Red For Women
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For all the love we have left to give. #HeartYourHeart
Go Red For Women
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Today is #GivingTuesday! Raise awareness and fund the fight against heart disease and stroke by creating your own FUNraiser now! <3

FUNRaise for Go Red For Women

Your family shares traditions and history. Are you also sharing your risk for heart disease? Don’t be afraid to ask.
Your family history is beautiful. Your story should be, too. Take the time to talk to your family members over the holidays to learn your risk for heart disease and stroke. It could save your life. <3
Daddy’s little girl may have dad’s risk for heart disease. Make your family history a story worth telling this holiday season. <3
From the curl of your hair, to the curl of your smile, she’s just like you. But who are you like? Know your risk for heart disease based on your family history.
Find out your risk for heart disease and stroke with this useful tool to map out your family history.

Seek Your Family History. Know Your Risk.

She’s just like you. And you’re just like grandma. And grandma has a history of heart disease. Know your family history this holiday season.
May your family tree continue to grow beautiful and strong. Seek your history and learn your risk for heart disease and stroke.

Learn Your Family History This Holiday Season

Mom gave you her killer smile; she may have also given you her killer heart disease. This holiday season, talk to your family, seek your history, and know your risk.
Shea's unknown family history of heart disease almost left her newborn son Adyn without a mother. Talk to your family over the holidays to get the facts and know your risk. Watch Real Woman Shea's story now.
Did you know that 65% of sodium we eat comes from food bought in retail stores? It's time for less salt & more sweat! Your challenge from #GoRedGetFit is bound to get your ❤ pumping and your sweat on. Will you join us?

#GoRedGetFit: Join The Movement

Tip #9: Take the stairs. ↗ "It's no surprise that the number of heart attacks greatly increased after the introduction of the elevator. Exercise, even little bits throughout the day, are so important to heart health." —Richard Wright, MD, cardiologist at Providence Saint John’s Health Center
Celebrate #NationalEatingHealthyDay with a fresh smoothie! Houston chef Amanda DeJesus had a heart transplant at age 15; her culinary career is focused on helping other heart patients maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Read more about Amanda's ❤ story: [ Spr.ly Link ]
A stroke gave Real Woman Lilian the wake-up call she needed to change her diet. Celebrate National Eating Healthy Day tomorrow with this toolkit.

Nov. 2nd is National Eating Healthy Day | Heart.org

Boo, Happy Halloween! Learn how to have a heart-healthy day for you and the kids: [ Spr.ly Link ]
"Two strokes by age 24" is not something Sarah ever wanted for herself. She now works to raise awareness about heart health and other lifestyle factors that can help save lives. #WorldStrokeDay

It Wasn’t Anxiety. It Was A Stroke.

Get ready for National Eating Healthy Day on Nov. 2nd! Eating a variety of colorful fruits & veggies is the key to good nutrition.

Adding one serving of color to your plate each day is the easiest way to start. Watch now and visit heart.org/pluscolor for more!